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Still Struggling with 3,000

The S&P 500 failed miserably again, at the 3,000 mark, closing at the lows of the day. The after-hours session did not help the cause as more disappointing numbers hit the tape. 3014 was the high of the day and now becomes an important level if this market is to break higher. We still have a bunch of quarterly reports on the way so be on guard for anything.

With today’s weakness, we still had a number of large hybrid movers hit Exodus, nearly 200 tickers. For those interested in the list, I’ve imported them to finviz: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS

Charts to watch as we end the week can be found below. These are my favorites from the above screen:

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Momentum Picks Up; Bulls Close Us Over 3,000

It’s been 20 days since the S&P 500 closed back above 3,000. We tried a few times last week, but no cigar. This week starts out with some confidence, and our momentum screen is “Lit” once again with tickers. CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS

It’s always a joy to own a position on the top of this list, and Fly had the Exodus room in $SGEN coming into the week:

Let’s see if we can catch another runner this week. From today’s screen, I will be watching the following this week:

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Whipping Up The Top 100 Ranked Names

The S&P 500 goes out the week on a whimper after briefly trading back above 3,000. $NFLX gave the FANG crowd hope briefly, only to be slapped back down below $300. And, the SAAS names got completely REKT this week, helping bears make a small fortune.

So where do we stand now? Well, back in the middle of earnings season with Quantitative Easing at our side. Here are the top 100 ranked names inside Exodus to review this weekend: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS

There’s still not much I want to sink my teeth in from this week’s screen, other than this burrito below. Let’s see if the bulls can push us back above 3,000 this week.

Have a good weekend all!

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$TWTR Gives Another Opportunity For A Long

Twitter can be a nasty place at times, just ask Bob Iger, but it is also one of the more addicting platforms, at least for myself. What’s better than Twitter during election time? Nothing.

A few people inside the Exodus chatroom have asked my opinion on a top pick here, and my answer continues to be $TWTR. I came into the day/week/month long twitter. Had I not, I’d be buying here with a stop under today’s low. Just look at that trend support below:


All around solid day for the bulls. Here are your momentum names to watch: CLICK HERE

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Market Paused To Start The Week; Here Are Your Opening Runners

The market is fighting off some weakness this morning, and relatively flat as we begin a new week. Our runner screen, which is littered with names with a high short percentage, is sitting up with a few names worth watching this week.

I’ve imported the tickers from Exodus to finviz for your viewing pleasure this morning: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS

Tickers of interest include: TSLA, TWLO, PLNT, AYX, & DVAX

And, here’s a glimpse of the momentum screen:

Let’s make it a good week!

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$ROKU Back With Vengeance, And Back On The Hybrid Screen

It’s been another fun after-hours session with fake news shaking and baking even the best of traders. Fly said it best in one of his post today, “One could make a strong argument for ignoring any and all news. Granted, it might make you woefully ignorant and a dullard bore at cocked tail parties, but you’ll be happier and richer for it.”

Moving right along, and ignoring the news flow, here are the top hybrid movers found from the Exodus algorithm. $ROKU is back on the list and had a pretty strong day. Mr Softie, Amazon, & Square also look good to go here; check out my favorites below:


For today’s full hybrid screen: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS

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