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MadStock of the Day


It’s all about [[PBR]] if it can break through $118 with good volume.

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Pay Attention

For those of you that think my blog is confusing (ie. Ducati), pay attention.

Mad coin was made today, I own [[YGE]], [[STP]], & now [[SPWR]].

Note: how about little [[TITN]]

Note II: [[BWLD]] was icing on the cake.

Note III: Can’t forget about [[MELI]]

Bonus note: watch [[PBR]], buying with both hands if it breaks $118

Update later tonight, back to work….

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SPWR: Bought @ $76

I also have limit orders to buy it all the way down + options, I hope you are ready for some solar fun!

At this point [[STP]] is still the cheapest, [[CSIQ]] has the best chart, but [[SPWR]] is your play.

Note: busy morning, updates later today. This might be my best day ever!

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