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Monday Morning Update

I hope you are participating in all the solar fun this morning. Right off the gates, a few names have been running, I happen to be playing via [[YGE]]. Click here for a list of solar plays. Don’t forget [[JASO]] has a 3/1 split coming soon.

I also think the Ags are setting up to make a run. We have a couple of big names reporting this week, and could give a spark to the sector. Click here for that list.

Call me crazy, but I think we end the day positive. If we don’t, make sure you pick up one of these.

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MON: Buy over $115



Hat tip: Doug left a comment to check out MON. He said watch for a breakout with conviction above $115.

This is exactly what I want from you, the reader. Help me to find breakouts as well, leave comments when you see great setups. Thanks for the comment Doug.

Help make the breakout section a money printing machine.

And remember, to view the list of breakout plays, click on “breakouts” on left sidebar.

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  • [[ADM]]
  • [[SIRF]]
  • [[SOHU]]


  • [[CME]]
  • [[IIG]]
  • [[NBR]]
  • [[NYX]]
  • [[RVBD]]
  • [[TM]]
  • [[VFC]]


  • [[AKAM]]
  • [[CSCO]]
  • [[DVN]]
  • [[IACI]]
  • [[NOV]]


  • [[ATVI]]
  • [[APA]]
  • [[BG]]
  • [[CF]]
  • [[DO]]
  • [[PNX]]

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