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It’s been fun ignoring stocks in lieu of NFTs on days like today. This time last year I did the same thing, only with collectable basketball cards, this year it is digital non-fungible tokens. I’ve had a hard time committing any real capital to this market with prices elevated, and multiple companies sporting trillion dollar market caps. Maybe, just maybe, we get a meaningful dip in stocks, but then again when I hear news of leveraged loans, the sideline is a mighty fine place to be.

Nothing can snatch your soul more than trying to call the bottom, repeatedly.

The stock scans, specifically the high volume movers, were picking up inverse ETFs all day long. Buyers finally stepped in near the close to give bulls a little relief. However, I did not buy.

One must assume that any bounce in the morning will be sold. So with that in mind, instead of trying to get cute and play a bounce, I decided to try my luck at a new Solana NFT mint.

I know my stock audience does not want to hear about another NFT, but this is where we are. Last week, we went from a free Jesus Piece, to free Snakes, to damn SOUL SNATCHERS as we begin this new week. If this is not a market top or “END OF WORLD” sign, I don’t know what is….

Check out this beauty below, which sports a fine ’80 robocop rare helmet. My Solana Thugbirdz also got it popping today (I cant believe I just said that). Mom, we won again today in NFTs.

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Christmas Is Coming….

And, I am well positioned.

Lately, I have been buying December calls in TWTR every morning when the market dips. We have all been pretty bullish on Twitter here at iBankCoin pretty much since the iPO. Lately though, Raul, aka Vince, has had his spider senses tingling on the blue bird. He made it well known on twitter and his blog (a must read), that a TWTR long is financial advice. I like him sticking his neck out with call options, and like the fact that Twitter is morphing into an early stage metaverse.

There is not much that makes sense in the market, but a Twitter long into Christmas is a bet I’m willing to make. I like the idea of using call options, because you know the exact amount you can lose. Instead of YOLO’ing your account in the name, think about the total amount invested. Ask yourself, are you prepared to lose that amount? I’ve seen Twitter do some crazy things over it’s life span, so a breakdown is not out of question.

I’ve been trading well, and made a nice mint on NFTs. I can take some risk here with my partner in crime Raul. Long TWTR calls into Christmas.

And, if my twitter calls zero out, I still have a few Eggs ready to hatch Christmas morning. If you are wondering my top NFT idea, you are looking at it below:

Christmas is coming, and the Cajun has been a good boy all year long.

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Momentum Monday

There was little momentum to be found as we start the week. The indices were flat and crypto dumped early once Wal-Mart denied a partnership rumor with Litecoin (Sauces). Cyrpto, specifically Bitcoin, does not look bad on this pullback to low 40s, maybe, just maybe, the lows are in for September– maybe.

On the home front, Topical Storm Nicholas is upon us. Ol’ Nick plans to dump plenty of rain, ensuring floods in Houston and Louisiana. Most homes down south are without shingles due to Hurricane Ida making landfall just weeks prior, blue tarps color multiple parishes. We cannot handle more rain.

As for stocks, I tweeted that Monday was all smiles with $SDC littering the Delta scans. $OCGN was also a contender from our momentum scan, and $FSLR had a breakout day. Let’s see if futures can perk up here into Tuesday’s trade, we did have 100+ names hitting scan: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS

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Volatility Or Momentum? LIT JESUS SAVES

I missed the trading day on Friday as I was out surveying hurricane damage from Ida. My parents live in Metairie just west of New Orleans, and just east of ground zero for Hurricane Ida. They made out okay considering the damage done in neighboring towns: most lost roofs, shingles, and electricity for 11 days.

We had to rip out one ceiling in the the second story of my parents home, which was the worst of the damage. The wind was whipping so good that rain came in sideways through a top air vent in the home. Luckily, my parents just had a new roof installed, and it held up like a boss. The ceiling should be fixed this week and all should be good, just in time for the next hurricane. They are getting too old for this….

It’s been one distraction after the next from me, but I promise I am trying to get back to mother market. Looking at Friday’s momentum screen it was a mixed bag. I’ve imported the screen from Stocklabs to finviz for the public’s viewing pleasure: CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS.

From Friday’s scan, we had volatility products being bought up along with some usual suspects. I have my eye on: SOS, AFRM, TIGR, ABUS, PTON, & BMBL. If all else fails, I will look to $TZA or $VXX.

As for NFTs, I have not made any meaningful buys since labor day. I did mint a Jesus piece, but it was free due to some complications with the development team. The team did not want to slow the momentum down so they rolled out their first Genesis collection for free. My mint has laser eyes and a combover, and I dig the art. Some say it’s sacrilegious, I have no idea. I will say this though, I am a believer in Christ, but not the most religious man. I pray that my kids, one day, have a relationship with God and maybe they do. They are oh so very young, and life can be oh so very hard. Talking to them about God can be even harder. I pray God can keep them focused and find a way into their life, bigly.

A simple prayer can get the process rolling and their name reserved in the book of life forever. To my young girls, I will continue to tell you to pray, “Lord forgive me for my sins, I ask you to come into my life. I believe in you, I believe that you died for me, and washed my sins away. You rose again, I am cleansed from my sins, and I can’t wait to meet you in heaven.”


If you said that prayer I believed you have been saved.

To my two daughters: Heaven will be LIT!

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Labor Day Is Over; Back To Work

In the month of August 2021, I decided to venture off into NFTs in lieu of Stocks. I wanted to “Ape-in” to get a feel for the market, how it works, how to send crypto back and forth to different wallets. I wanted a crash course into the future of digital art, and boy did I get it.

I quickly turned 5k into a big pile of ETH on the Ethereum blockchain, which all started with buying a few penguins. The “World of Woman” trade worked perfect as the Art was shooting just as the minting process was happening for a “Board Ape Yacht Club Mutant”. This is my favorite grab through the process:

I was flipping NFTs having a grand time until I went to the Solana Ecosystem.

The first trade worked well there. I invested 5K of SOL into a bunch of DegenerateApes. I was loading the boat sub 10 SOL on apes, and selling them in the 40’s 50s’. I missed this extended move to $100, but kept my Ski Jacket Ape for the moon. From there I minted a Thugbird, which has become one my favorite NFTs (I don’t see the momentum slowing here). My bird likes Outkast and so do I, so it’s an easy hold. Where I messed up was falling into the hype of just about every new mint after on the SOL chain. Let’s just say the SOL ecosystem still has some bugs to work out.

In summary:

I had a great time ignoring stocks in the month of August. ETH reigns supreme for NFTs, and $SOL is better to be staking in your blockfollio wallet. I’ve met some cool people along the way, one of which is the creator of Bitbones. He said I looked better with a bitbones NFT as my profile picture, I strongly agreed. He said, I know you are partial to penguins, so I drew your original NFT purchase.

Some creators are just built different and Bitbones is one of them. Check out this beauty below:



I’ll still dabble in NFTs going forward. But, the supply is crazy right now. If I buy anything else on the SOL chain, it will be an SMB monkey. Maybe a SOL snek, IDK. And, maybe one day I’ll trade my penguins and mutant for an Ether Rock.

Bitcoin & Ethereum look poised for a dominate move. We are just getting started…

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RUGGED BY SOLbears? Or Will They Help NOLA? Developing…..

To my stock readers, skip this post. It’s for NFT collectors and the Developers of SOLbears)


I refused to believe that I was involved in a rugpull by the SOLbears while minting their NFT in a hurricane. I had an epic post T’D UP about massive winship in the NFT space until tonight. I’m rolling 30 deep in my home helping family and friends shelter due to massive damage from hurricane IDA, I DON’T NEED THIS SHIT FROM SOLbears.

For those unaware just what I’m talking about, let me bring you up to speed. I invested in some art over at Solbears.com because I “liked the art”. I had my eye on the project two weeks prior to mint, and was excited to own a bear. And, not just any bear, but a SOLbear– some of the first collections on-chain for the Solana ecosystem. I got news that they were pushing up the mint a day sooner as everyone was pushing their date back. This was not good news, as I was dealing with the catastrophic damage from Hurricane Ida. I tweeted to the project manager “Tied up right now with a hurricane, save me a bear”. They tweeted back, “Legends mint in hurricanes”. I tweeted back, “BET”

Long story short, I was able to mint a bear during Hurricane Ida, and I’m a fucking legend for that. The bad news is, I may have been rug-pulled, see definition HERE.

Look it’s 2:30AM in the morning when i started this post and I have stocks to trade at 3AM CT, so I’ll try to make this brief.

The company had a very successful launch of their SOLbears NFT, over subscribed and sold out within minutes, if not seconds. Within a day of launch, after raking in tons of dollars in initials sales and commission, the company announces another project SOLcats. It’s another 10,000 collection from the company at 10 SOL this time, and THE MARKET LOSES IT’S MIND. Not only does the market lose it’s mind, and SOLbears are tankking in the secondary market, the project gets pulled from Solanart.io.

From that news, the floor goes to 1 SOL, from a floor high of maybe 25 SOL the previous night. DILUTION! I thought I was safe from offerings in NFTs? Guess not. The company claims they needed the damn cats to go along with the bears for SOLtopia. The market wasn’t buying it. Discord members called them greedy slimy punks, and proceeded to dump bears all over the floor, and made their exit from discord. It was a horror scene.

From the listing removal, the developers go on sleep mode in discord, and the server goes fucking wild. This shit was intense.

With the developers in sleep mode, I decided to take requests. “How can we make this community better? Because, I’m not fucking leaving”. The discord room cheered like a scene from Wolf of Wall Street. One guy replied, “IMAGINE NOT OWNING A SOLbear”. (this is when SOLbears floor price is at 1 SOL)


Their response:


Let’s see if they come thru….

My Bear squad:

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