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Who’s Ready For A Good Ol’ Fashion ‘Rip Your Face Off Rally’ In Solar?

Ah yes, it feels like 2006 all over again with First Solar destroying estimates, and the Cajun installing solar panels on his double wide trailer. Have any of you guys glanced over the $FSLR numbers for the most recent quarter? YUGE BEAT, YUGE RAISE. This thing is going to $60 in a hurry, and yes we are long inside Exodus (so I’m talking my book).

Exodus gave us the heads up as we began the week, see my earlier tweets below:


So what’s the play here? Buy dips in $FSLR, every dip. This thing has potential to hit $100, seriously. $CSIQ is another name I like here, and think we see $20 in a hurry.

And, for you gamblers out there, check out little $RGSE. This ticker has been on my runner screen damn near every day this week. The company has a history of diluting shares, similar to $DRYS, but the dilution appears to be done. The company just announced a big partnership with Dow chemical for rooftop like panels, and appears to have that momo-like flag pattern. No way am I endorsing this name, and under $2/share it’s a straight sell, but it is something to watch.

The Solar Rally of 2017 is upon us. Developing…..

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Stocks Having Their Worst Day Since September 5th

According to CNBC, stocks are having their worst day in nearly two months. With the S&P not even down 1%, I find it pretty comical. I, myself, have not done much this week as we get into the meat of earnings season. I did however, take a flyer in HMNY at 11.42 for fun– lows need to hold here for me to stay.

As for today’s leaders, it looks pretty bleak with only 3 industries green on the day. Have a look below:


As for potential runners on the day? $DRYS still shows up #1, but let’s omit it as nobody likes to speak of the name, and focus on $GRUB. Have a look at today’s screen:

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A Few Junk Stocks To Watch As We Begin The Week

The runner screen is lighting up with a bunch of trash this morning as the indices start to slip away. Have traders/investors run out of places to put money? Check out this morning’s runner screen:

$AMD is out in front, leading for the chips, and Solar even has some momentum. Both $FSLR & $SPWR are squeezing this morning, with the $RGSE lotto play right behind. Speaking of lotto $DRYS is on top again:


We also got the powerful break in $RENN this morning, as it looks like speculation is alive and well. Other names to watch from today’s screen: EMES, MVIS, & RH

Even $SHLD & $JCP made the list today, solidifying today as trash day. What are you guys watching here?

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A Weekly Look At The US Stock Market

The bulls did a hell of a job this week fighting off bears, as the Dow managed to stay green the entire week as well as close in new record territory, 23,000.  To end the week, bears were skinned alive as every sector was well in the green, minus Utilities.

On a weekly basis, your industry leaders can be found below. Retail short sellers saw the most pain this week as many retailers moved up in hybrid rank. Drug stocks also had a strong showing this week:


For review this weekend, the following names had the largest move in Hybrid score inside our trading software, Exodus. For those of you confused as to what the hybrid score is CLICK HERE.

Into next week, let’s keep an eye on: TERP, TRUE, TWLO, & FLR

Have a good weekend all!

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10 Things You Will Learn From Tonight’s Stock Screen

Here is everything you need to know about today’s trading day, just from looking at today’s hybrid screen inside Exodus:

  1. The Chips are still hot, and when I say chips, I mean Semiconductor stocks: See $MU, MRVL
  2. Warren Buffet appears to be wrong selling his shares in $IBM, up a cool 9% today (which is a huge move for big blue).
  3. Steel is back in play, the wall is indeed coming: AKS, X
  4. The China squeeze continues, stick with the best: BABA & JD
  5. Somehow Sirius radio is alive and well, as $SIRI looks to break to fresh highs on the year.
  6. Never bet against Tesla! $TSLA now firmly back above the 50 day moving average
  7. There are a bunch of nervous short sellers: DKS, EFX, SYNA, & SHOP
  8. There are a ton of mattresses being sold across the globe due to natural disasters : SCSS
  9. There are also a ton of people who apparently need to find the true value of their automobile: $TRUE
  10. And, Google is still king! Long the $GOOGL

Here is Wednesday’s full hybrid screen: CLICK HERE

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What I Am Watching Today..

Inside the trading room, within the confines of Exodus, we took a position in $RDFN as it was threatening to break $26. This recent iPO has been toying with these levels for weeks now, and may finally be ready to move up and out of this range. Check out this beauty below:


Another position that we own, is $OLED. The stock is hovering near last week’s highs, and looks ready to test all-time highs in the very near future. Let’s see if we can get some movement above $136.40:


Be sure to visit the chat room inside Exodus for more trading ideas.

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