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Just Remember Facebook Sucks

This is why I own $GOOGL for my social media play. YouTube continues to hit on all cylinders, just ask my 6 year old. Check out the beautiful visual shared by Jason Kint below:


As for the market, the close was a bit shady. I’m expecting the bears to give it their best shot tomorrow. I’m on the sidelines for now until we get some better looking setups.

Here were today’s top hybrid movers inside Exodus: (CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS)

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Big Day For Steel Stocks, Bitcoin Back Above 10K, & Oil Over $60

Did you guys see the move in steel names on Friday? Is the Trump trade alive and well? Just take a look at the letter X, $AKS, or even down the food chain to names like GGB. Have a look below:


Oil is trading higher tonight in the futures session, and looks ready to rock and roll here with the price of black gold back above $62. Many names were left for dead last week, but look ripe for a nice little squeeze here.

We need to revisit the industry maybe as early as tomorrow. What are some of your favorites oil names? From Friday’s runner screen, here are a few ripe to squeeze: SLCA, FMSA, RDC, NOG, & BBG

And, apparently Bitcoin is back trading above 10K. The entire market cap breached 500M for a brief minute, but has since fallen below that mark. $RIOT ruined the fun on Friday with CNBC taking Aim at the company’s CEO. Let’s see if the group can bounce back, here are a few of my favorite proxy crypto plays: GCAP, NXTD, GROW, DPW, & HVBTF

Let’s see if oil can get moving this week, and if this move in bitcoin is for real. See you guys at the open.

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Is It Safe To Go Back In The Water?

Today was a pretty bullish day given the reversal we saw at the open. It looked like pure panic to start the day, only to be met with buying power all day long, it was a sight to see indeed. I dipped my toe in and bought a few of our favorite names in Exodus, hopefully some of you took advantage of the free trial.

The 200 day moving average touch now looks like a pure gift on the daily chart of the S&P 500. Were you lucky enough to buy?


Here are some heavily shorted names to watch as we close out the week. The following names all had moves greater than 2%, and have a short position greater than 10%. In other words, they are ripe for a short squeeze.

For those that feel like doing some chart surfing, HERE THEY ARE. My favorites include: FIT, MOMO, WLL, WATT, SM, PSTG, AEO, GRUB, MARA, & NXTD

Good luck trading all!

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Here Are The Top Ranked Stocks Following Last Week’s Beatdown

After last week’s bloodbath, here’s a look at the top 100 rated stocks inside iBC’s trading software, Exodus. The following screen this week searches for stocks that have a high financial & technical score within our system (aka The Hybrid Score), and trade over one million shares in average volume.

The results below are sorted by average daily volume, NOT the actual ranking. To view the actual ranking, the official screen for members can be found & saved HERE.

I’ve imported this week’s screen for your viewing pleasure: CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS. My favorites heading into the upcoming week include:


See you guys at the open…

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Earnings on Deck This Week

We are still in the meat of earnings season, so make sure you check your stocks for earnings dates, and make sure you give eWhispers a follow:


Here are your companies reporting after the bell:

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Oversold With A 5 Day Holding Period

One cool feature from Exodus is the ability to screen for stocks in oversold cycles. These oversold cycles are backtested over a 12 month period and suggest an average return of holding the stock for an X number of days– all based on past performance.

Let’s go ahead and take a look at tonight’s screen. The following stocks are oversold on our 12 month algorithm, and in the past have had an average bounce of at least 3%, with a 5 day holding period:

Note: My favorites from this morning’s screen include: $LCRX $KBH, & $COG.

Exodus members can bookmark this screen HERE, and view at anytime or day. I’ll be back later with some early hybrid movers to watch this week.

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