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Tesla & Virgin Galactic Are Leading Again, Literally

Right before the covid-19 scare, a time where we used to watch professional sports on television, the economy was ripping and roaring. Speculation was running rampant, toilet paper was handy, and money was swishing and sloshing around. During this time, the first week of February 2020 (pre-covid), Tesla and Virgin Galactic were leading the way higher in our stock of the year contest, I did a post HERE. From that post things began to deteriorate rather quickly.

Fast forward to Mid-April 2020, a few trillion printed by the Fed and millions unemployed, and what do we have? We have $TSLA & $SPCE leading again. Just take a look at the leaderboard to the “2020 Stock of the year contest”:


Take this for what it’s worth, but it seems the market is a bit complacent in just a matter of weeks. TESLA IS UP 70% for the year, the Nasdaq is barely down for the year, and AMAZON is trading at all time highs, as it should.

Panic has been erased from the market and dislocations have been met by value investors. The easy money has been made, but I have a hard time believing the market continues higher here. But, then again, who am I to fight a money printer that goes Brrrrr.

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A Few Stocks To Watch With A Side Of Momentum

$SDGR -I’ve been stalking this one for weeks now. Watch for a move above $42 to ignite this darling of an iPO:


$BEAM – Another iPO to watch that has been forgotten through the whole Covid scare. So long as the stock holds $16, I like it on the long side:

$PAA – Watch the pipeline names this week, the group caught some late buyers on Monday. Above 6.50 can get this one in motion:


And, for our momentum screen, gold & silver names litter the list along with sides of $AMZN & $NFLXCLICK HERE FOR TODAY’S SCREEN.

See you guys at the open…

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While We Wait For The Signal, Here Are Your Top 100 Stocks To Review This Weekend

Here’s your weekly look at the top 100 ranked stocks inside our trading software, Exodus. The following screen searches for stocks that have a high combined technical & financial score, aka The Hybrid Score. I did not add in any volume filters this week so this is a pure list of the top 100 stocks in the market based on combined technicals and financials.

Note that the rankings change daily, members can view the rankings in real time HERE. For non-members, I’ve imported the top 100 scores HERE, the results are sorted by Market Cap, not the actual ranking.

The financials, specifically the regional banks, litter this week’s list along with the gold miners. The gold miners saw a huge move on Friday due to the money printer going BRRRR. Just check out some of the moves:


Let’s see if the financials can continue higher into next week, giving us further footing to the market. Mr. Art Cashin, director of floor operations and CNBC legend, finally gave us a word on the current market structure. He expects an L shape recovery, not a V. And, says he was worried when he heard that the Dow is having it’s best week ever since 1938, which back then was a topping process.

Your guess is a good as mine on future market direction. All we can do here is take it one candlestick at a time. Happy Easter Everyone!


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How To Kick Covid’s Ass; Cajun Edition

After the move this week in stocks one would think the virus is all but gone, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. My father fell ill to the corona virus at the very end of March. A week ago, last Wednesday, he was tested and the test confirmed that indeed it was Covid-19. By the time he got the test results, last Thursday, his fever had vanished. He is still a little weak, but for the most part kicked the Corona’s ass, even with diabetes and high blood pressure.

My mother was actually sick first and went to the doctor before my Dad, but was denied a test. She also is more than fine now, but swears she had the virus. They both live in NOLA, that’s New Orleans, Louisiana for the ill informed.

What did they do?

1.) 8oz of water every hour, and 16oz when mouth was dry. They also alternated with power-aid for the potassium and salt to protect the kidneys.  ZERO caffeine and absolutely no soft drinks (They love their soda pop).

2.) They took 5000mg of Vitamin C, 3000IU Vitamin E, 1 multivitamin, 1000mg of calcium/ 500mg of magnesium. 1000mg choline and inositol, 20g of protein 3x a day for first three days. Yogurt for protein was their friend.

3.) Reduced Vitamin C to 1000mg 3x a day, all else the same for the next 3 days.

4.) Reduced Vitamin E to 1000iu 3x a day, with all else being the same.

5.) Any shortness of breath they increased vitamin E intake by 2000 and took another multi vitamin. They also added ZMA at night for the extra b6 and magnesium

6.) Increased D3 to 2000iu a day

7.) If urine was dark yellow, they consumed more water and power-aid. They were looking for brown or cloudy urine to head back to the Doctor.

8.) Observed stool to make sure liver was functioning properly. When light colored, they added 2000iu E

9.) After every bathroom trip, they would consume 8 oz of water or power-aid

10.) Sunlight & Prayer (Think boss hog VP Pence)

Some other notes from Mom: Vitamin E frees radicals and helps breathe at lower O2 levels. Vitamin C keeps your blood from thickening and helps prevent secondary infections. Vitamin E, C, Ca/Mg, B6, Choline/inositol to help keep normal blood carrying O2 to protect kidneys and liver as they work overtime to rid the free radicals and waste the virus produces. If they felt irritable, they took additional Ca/Mg. They would practice deep breathing to avoid panic and oxygenate the blood. She notes panic and fear are your worst enemies (Similar to the stock market). Recognize and accept the fear and panic then breath deep and let it go when you exhale.

My mother is no Doctor, but she has a nickname the Vitamin Queen. She is very holistic, and does not rely on doctors. Take everything above with a grain of salt, we are not professionals. I am simply outlining what they did, and for some old ass people (sorry Mom & Dad), they kicked Corona’s butt.

As for stocks, sell them tomorrow. Enjoy Good Friday, along with Easter Sunday with your loved ones. Apparently Q is here. Whoever the hell that is.

See you guys tomorrow at the open…

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It’s Monday, Let’s Get To The Momentum

Like we always do on Monday night, its time to go through the momentum scan from Exodus. For those that feel like doing a little chart surfing, the full link with charts can be found HERE. For members, the daily link can be bookmarked HERE.

With the whole stock market ripping higher the $SPY actually made the screen today, as we closed near the highs of the day. Momentum should carry on into the morning for the overall market, one would think, but we are dealing with a health pandemic so anything is game.

My personal favorite charts from tonight’s screen can be found below:

I’ll be looking for trades in a few of these tomorrow. See you guys inside the Exodus chat…

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Weekend Top 100; Oil Bears Might Want To Miss This Post

Here’s your weekend look at the top 100 ranked stocks inside the Exodus Algorithm. The rankings change daily, and currently have a high concentration in Energy. The reason behind this is the sub-rosa formula which factors in the price of oil. Crude oil saw another huge move today, up a cool 15% for the day, and well over 30% for the week.

We were all over the oil trade this week positioning in $SLB and $APA for nice wins, both of which are in the Top 100 as we finish out the week. Members be sure to bookmark the screen HERE.

For those interested in all 100 charts at the close on Friday, I’ve imported them to finviz for your viewing pleasure. The list is sorted by volume not the actual ranking. CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS

My favorite oil from this week’s screen is $SLB. I continue to own shares down here:

If bitcoin starts to ramp this week, above 7K, I’m going back to the ol’ trusty $OSTK. It finished in the top 100 this week and looks like a coiled spring. Online shopping for the win. Developing….


$NVAX closed like a champ for the weeknd Corona hold, it also finished in the top 100:


These are trades, not investments, directed by almighty Algos inside Exodus. I will see you guys at the open on Monday…

Note— Give BigToona a big round of applause, he made it to the legendary iBC hall of fame:


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