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Welcome To The March Madness Finale

What an ugly close to finish a week full of hope for the bulls. $AAPL cratered into the closed, which looked a little like forced selling. This does not bode well for the all electronic market come Monday. At any rate, our March madness tournament is still on and the brackets have been updated. Sadly, it appears $AAPL did not make it to the final four in our 13th annual March Madness Tournament after the final update. Take a look at this week’s final results:


As for stocks, The Fly has us in $FAZ for the great Covid-19 collapse. He also nailed a great trade in $NOVN for cash flow. I have the Exodus room in $AMRX, because HYDROXYCHOROQUINE.

Try to have a good weekend….

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Other than trading, I own several small businesses, some of the being Fitness centers. Last night, Louisiana issued a mandate, in it was the closure of all gyms. Upon rising this morning, I told myself, “Fuck that shit, I’m not closing my gyms.” A few hours later, I was literally shut down by law enforcement, the police. Fun times.

This isn’t about me though, I know what you guys want. You want stock picks. So while, I get my shit together over here in Louisiana, you guys can focus on the best of the best companies in the world.

Sorted by cash flow and debt to equity scores, here are the best of the best in Technology & Basic Materials (which have been destroyed):


See you guys at the open….And, here’s an update on our 13th annual March Madness tournament:

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So March Madness is canceled. They didn’t say suspended, they straight up canceled the most exciting sports tournament of the year. RIP to sport bettors, and $PENN for buying Barstools when we have no sports. You can’t make this shit up.

I said I wanted to buy $DIS when they closed the parks. Well, that is happening, and I still don’t feel like buying. They own ESPN too, what highlights are we going to watch? Old Kobe reruns? I’ll buy Disney at $65.

THE ONLY MARCH MADNESS YOU GET THE YEAR IS THE 13th ANNUAL MARCH MADNESS TOURNAMENT FROM iBC. I can tell people are sleeping on this tournament, but this is all you get, so pay attention. Exodus member, Mint Dragon, has been the favorite through this whole tournament with his squad $ZM. Zoom has held up the best and only down -5%, while the rest are down double digits, with the exception of $TWOU & $TME. What a mess this year! See below:


The full bracket can be found HERE.

My March Madness pick was $TWTR, and sadly I was eliminated the first week. I did however, add to my position today. So far it has been a losing proposition.

Sleep well my friends. Black Monday is upon us. First we got to get through Friday the 13th. Exciting times.

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Build The Base; Here Are Your Momentum Tickers

The bulls did a good job defending Monday’s lows giving us some levels to trade off of and manage risk. Just about every chart looks the same and I decided to keep thing simple on Tuesday and buy the QQQs Via $TQQQ. But, for those looking for some tickers to trade as the market comes off the lows, here is Tuesday’s momentum screen: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS

Some of my favorites include:

Today was a step in the right direction with bases starting to build. Let see what the market gives us tomorrow….

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Stock Market REKT On Corona Fears; Here Are Your Top Rated Stocks

Here’s your weekly look at the top 100 ranked stocks inside our Exodus Algorithm. This week I did not add in any volume filters due to the small cap biotech names running. This is a pure look at the top 100 ranked stocks in the market based on “current” technicals & fundamental scores. Note: This ranking is ever-changing.

The following results are sorted by market cap, NOT the actual ranking. To view the actual ranking, the official screen for members can be found & saved HERE. Non-members have no fear, the top 100 names can be found HERE.

If you don’t have stocks that look like the above link, it may be time to join the rank of Exodus (Soon to be Stocklabs.com). It should be another fun week. Let’s watch that $ENZ on Monday.

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Welcome To The Sweet Sixteen

My blogging has been light this week, but my trading is been ramped up inside the hallowed halls of Exodus (Soon to be StockLabs.com). Today, I overtraded a bit, and caught some trash stocks going against me quick. But, my day was saved thanks to the ol’ $COCP trade at the end of the day. Shout out to The Fly and OneLot who were all over the move this afternoon:

As you can see in the after-hours session $COCP caught a PR and trapped shorts going into Monday. Good times.


Now, let’s talk about what we’re here for, the Sweet Sixteen. Sixteen traders have been eliminated from our March Madness Tourney, and sixteen people remain. Here was the final outcome for week 2:


The brackets have been updated, congrats to all who made it to The Sweet Sixteen: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS

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