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Let The “Commodity Bull” Run

Cue up The Great Commodity Bullrun of 2021. Here’s a look at the industry movers before FED speak tomorrow: Aluminum, Nuclear, Shipping, & Oil & Gas. I seriously doubt Fed Chairman Powell changes course tomorrow, I actually happen to agree with the humble Downtown Josh Brown and think the Fed will give hints of a tapper, but it won’t be at tomorrow’s meeting. Should the FED remain course, we get a green light for the commodity index to scream higher.


Aluminum names saw a massive rally from the morning lows, and managed to close at the highs of the day. Here was your strongest group at the close:


Within oil & gas exploration, here are some of your leaders ranked by the Overall Stocklabs Hybrid Score.

And, here is Oil & Gas Equipment:


And, the independents:


As always, I will check the Stocklabs scans tomorrow to see where the volume is. For members, here is the scan I will be watching: CLICK HERE AFTER FED MINTUES 

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Paul Tudor Jones Gives Us The Playbook For The Week

Paul Tudor Jones, PTJ, had an excellent interview on the current state of the market, and gives us the playbook for FED day on Wednesday. He makes a case for a gigantic squeeze in commodities fueled by market dynamics and the angry mob, REDDIT.

INDEUD, what a time to be alive!

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Current Watchlist As We Head Into Summer

Here are some names on my radar as we head into summer of ’21. We’ll start with $ABNB, a current position of mine, as hotel prices across the globe skyrocket on crazy post-covid demand. $ABNB has to be killing it right now, and has a downright monopoly on their niche travel market. We the recent pullback in growth stocks, you are getting this one near its IPO opening price. Technicals also look good to go here so long as price holds $141:


We’ll stick with the travel theme for our next pick, $TRIP. Right before the major pullback in the market, $TRIP was heating up on news of their new subscription travel model and was gaining momentum trading through $60/share. Fast forward a few months, we got our dip and the travel market is hotter than ever. With positive price movement accompanied by volume, watch for a breakout here:


Next up is another growth name that has been absolutely crushed. I even named this ticker my stock of the year for 2021, this ticker is $BIGC. If growth names start to pick up, watch a move off the $60 level, we have a thin pockets above that needs to be filled at $68:


How about a SPAC for our next selection? This is a ticker that I have both in my swing portfolio and in my long term account. I remember the impulse move the stock made when news hit on which company this SPAC would merge with, I even wrote a note on the chart to buy the next dip. Well, here is the dip for $FTOC, aka Payoneer, and the merger date is in a few short weeks. We are basically on the floor here, any dips this week are to be bought (talking to myself):


And, I’ll leave with two final recent iPOs to watch. If Bitcoin can continue to move higher from here and drag the crypto space along with it, $COIN seems like a value play down here (Big IF though):

And, PATH, a new Cathie Wood darling (not sure if that is a good thing anymore). This new software iPO, which make software robots so people don’t have to be robots, looks just about ready for primetime if we can break this recent downtrend. I have it as one of my top watching into the week:


Let’s keep any eye on these. See you guys tomorrow at the open…

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My vacation has ended, and kite surfing is recommended to anyone who has ever wanted to try it. I have much to say, but oh so little time. No, I did not go to Miami, nor do I ever want to go to a bitcoin conference. The social media clips coming out of the conference this past weekend were downright cringe worthy, I even questioned my stance on Bitcoin after witnessing grown men act out worse than cats on Jersey Shore. But, then I remembered one thing: BITCOIN DOES NOT CARE ABOUT ANYONE. So I continue down this journey and humbly stack sats on dips.

Enough about Crypto, no one wants to talk about the blockchain anymore, President Trump even came out with a negative stance on the cryptocurrency. Let’s talk about stocks, and how shorts sellers were steamed rolled in names like $CLOV and the almighty $WISH.

Just as bad as sentiment is for crypto now, this was where sentiment was for stocks in May, the garbage can. Indeed, how the tides have turned in a few short weeks, you can almost feel a momentum title wave coming in hot like a tsunami for stocks.

Bitcoin bottoms and stocks take off right here, right now, or it becomes a complete risk off “Fuck you, YOU’RE DEAD” type of trade. I prefer the former.

Here are your names to watch. They are the golden leads, no Glen Gary. Here are stocks with a very high increasing sort percentage, courtesy of Stocklabs:


CLICK HERE IF YOU LIKE REAL TIME ANALYTICS AND THE HELP OF A COMPUTER BRAIN  (Sub required, and if you are one fo the lucky ones to have a subscription to Stocklabs make sure to bookmark and save link to your profile page).

See you guys at 4am ET.

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Time To Go Kite Surfing

Here’s the best explanation of the current state of the market from Robert Chapman. In the video below, Robert explains the best way to play AMC and tells traders it’s time to go Kite Surfing.

He also goes on to say that this is the only profession where a professional can get smoked by a rookie trader. How do you tell someone how to invest after they make 600% going long MEME stocks?


Indeed, the current state of the market is in disarray, and now we have Elon breaking up with Bitcoin again.


And, a bonus Tweet from MUSK tonight has traders bidding up the token CUM Rocket (Market is so fucked, LOL):

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Stacking More Sats This Memorial Day Weekend

Another weekend in May is here, and so is another dip in Bitcoin. I’ve added some more sats to my purse here around $34,000. Nothing meaningful, as I am just a humble man out here trying to stack sats on every dip. Some make the mistake of selling Bitcoin, I don’t have that problem. Well, I did one time, but I never made the mistake again.

If we do indeed see some panic selling this weekend, and retest the former lows at $30,000, I believe it will only be for a brief minute. Once stops are triggered from “capitulation weekend”, more coins will likely be accumulated by long term holders. I’m sure market makers are eying those stops as I type, liking their chops to steal more coins, but it won’t be mine.

Caution is warranted however, there are some thin air pockets below $30,000, that could retrace us back to $20,000, the previous bull market highs. If that ever happens though, I’ll be selling my F-150 to acquire more sats.

As you can see from the chart above, the previous cycle gave pause at this very same time, only to catapult us to fresh all-time highs in the 2017 bull cycle. If you go on YouTube or even CT, which stands for Crypto Twitter, you will see outlandish bitcoin price targets of 300-500K before this bull cycle ends in early 2022. While, I do see Bitcoin reaching the same market cap as gold, it just might not be until 2035, the year 99% of all bitcoin mining is complete.

Happy Memorial Day weekend HOLDers! Let’s get it.

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