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Back In SOFI For The SuperBowl

What another epic weekend of playoff football the past two weekends. I must admit, I did not watch much NFL football during the regular season, but the Playoffs have been a treat to watch. LSU represented hardĀ for both wining teams, the Bangles (Joe Burrow) & the Rams (OBJ). And, now $SOFI finds itself at center stage with the rams hosting the Superbowl in SoFi stadium.

I wrote about this in the past, and now with the market selloff, now is as good as any time to load up on shares of SOFI (personally speaking). Oh, we also got the bank charter news, which the market brushed off due to overall risk off market environment. Here are some names lighting up on my volume scan to start the week:


Let’s see if the momentum can shift this week. Good luck all & long $SOFI into the Superbowl…

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