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Weekly Watchlist Served– MOMENTUM MONDAY

It’s Monday…. so it’s time to go through our momentum delta scan to build a watchlist for the upcoming week. Last week’s scan worked beautifully, catching many EV related plays, most notably $LCID. This week we have some EV overlap from last week, but we also have a bunch of new names to monitor. China appears to be bottoming, MEME stocks want to squeeze, and cannabis stocks look ready to launch. For those interested in the full scan: CLICK HERE FOR IMPORT.

Charts in focus this week include:

As always, be sure to follow along throughout the week inside our premium chat/screening service, Stocklabs.

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  1. zombie

    As always, outstanding work, RC! Sweet small cap breakout today.
    Is it finally safe for 2023 CWEB calls? I’ve been patiently waiting for the round trip to triple digits. Thanks, RC!

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