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Conviction Long

There are not too many stocks I feel comfortable owning here. The other day, I mentioned that $TWTR calls seem like a good opportunity, and indeed it has been– now pushing through resistance:


But, I’m not here to talk about the Blue Bird, I’ve already posted about it, as well as Captain Raul. I’m here to talk aboutĀ another position that is busting out in size, a name I have in my swing trading account as well as my long term account, and that stock is $SOFI.

$SOFI got a huge upgrade from Jefferies today, announcing a $25 dollar target on the stock. The company is making some huge strides with it’s banking charter and has already made some successful acquisitions, one big one last year, Galileo. The company is making waves with digital currency and digital banking, and couldĀ end up being an acquisition target itself for those legacy banks slow to act. The stock is once again on my high breakout screen inside Stocklabs, and I have no intentions on selling here…

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