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2021 Stock Of The Year Update

As we enter the summer doldrums, I figure now would be as good as any to update the 2021 Stock of the Year contest. For those that missed my early 2021 post, my stock of the year pick is $BIGC, and I hold a bunch in the IRA. The stock actually looks great here and I have no doubt in my mind we will be back at Par come Thanksgiving. Also, while we are talking about Thanksgiving, you can buy the dip in bitcoin here at $33,500, and sell when all of your friends and family are talking about a 100k price target over Turkey and gravy.

Here is your 2021 Stock of the Year leaderboard with Mr. Vikes owning the competition with his pick in $LPI:


For the full contest spreadsheet, CLICK HERE.

Have a good weekend all…

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