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Cramer Sells His Last Bitcoin At The Bottom, Stocks and Crypto Rejoice

The scanners are lighting up once again and Bitcoin hits peak panic in 2021. I love when bitcoin sells off, it means I get to stack sats on the cheap, and today was no different (sub $30,000 prints). The FUD was thick this morning for crypto as Jim Cramer was selling his last bitcoin on national television. I think that was the bottom.

Cryptocurrency literally had the kitchen sink thrown at it this morning, yet manages to brush it all off by nightfall. God bless the people of El Salvador.

As for stocks, here are some charts that interest me from the momentum scan inside Stocklabs:


Today’s full momentum scan can be found HERE. For members, make sure to bookmark the LIVE scan HERE.

We may be in a golden risk-on period where they FED, and apparently the SEC, let things run wild. Trade and plan accordingly….


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