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$IPOE Approved To Merge With SoFi, Ticker Change June 1st.

There is a ton a news circulating my favorite SPAC, $IPOE, at the moment. Currently, the special purpose acquisition company is experiencing a huge change in delta volume and hitting the scans inside stocklabs:


Indeed, the recent surge has to do with the upcoming merger with SoFi. The merger has officially been approved and the company just gave us a nice flex with the recent earnings release, CLICK HERE. The ticker $IPOE has a heavy percent of shares held short for some reason, and the Reddit boards have taken notice. We were loading $IPOE on the recent dip in preparation for the ticker change on June 1st.

I hold both a long term position in the name, a nice size swing position, as well as some July 15 call options purchased on the cheap.

Anthony Noto, the CEO, is leading a solid charge at SoFI as becoming a new leader in social fintech. He has also gifted us with some alternative crypto coins to trade on his platform, keeping up with trend. The news flow keeps piling up here, I will reman long:

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