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May Starts With Momentum On The Scans

May starts off with a bang as our Stocklabs scanner begins the month spiting hundreds of tickers for us to view. One can only hope we repeat the same success we had in May 2020. I believe it was the first month in my trading career that I was green every single day throughout the month.

As for today’s action, $PRPO was on the Stocklabs scans all day providing traders that momentum feeling. $OCGN’s momentum also carried over from last week with the ticker continuing on scan to start the week. So which one will run next? because that’s really the only question here. Time will tell, and I will use the real time scans in Stocklabs to help find it. For now, here is Monday’s momentum scan: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS

Tickers on my radar this week: SLV, X, M, GLD, SLB, DNN, AHT, AG, & MUDS 

Note: Stocklab members make sure to bookmark my two favorite screens below:



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