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Stock Of The Year……2020

The 11th annual stock of the year contest is coming to an end, and it appears to be coming down to the wire. Indeed, in the year twenty-twenty, we have two stocks up over 700% going head to head as we close out the year. Who will take the crown in 2020? Will it be $OSTK or $APPS?

My pick, $NVTA, was up a cool 200%, but that only gets you tenth place in 2020. Here is the 2020 leader board below (what a year it has been for stocks!):

The full contest link can be found HERE. The winner will get a persoanlized iBankCoin mug, and you can get one too HERE. Stay tuned for instruction on the “2021 Stock of the Year” contest next. My pick for the new year will likely be $BIGC, because that’s what I’m bringing in 2021:



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