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Another Day, Another Oversold Reading For $AAPL

$AAPL continues to flag oversold on our Exodus Algos, both on the technical side and on the hybrid side. The last readings have been on September 4th, 8th, 9th, and now again on the 11th. Here’s a screen shot of the Algorithm inside Exodus:


And, here’s a look at today’s reading at the close, flagged both Tech & Hybrid oversold:


Now the run up in $AAPL pre-split might throw the gauges off a bit here, but if we see another red day for $AAPL, it might be worth a shot for an oversold trade. The hybrid backtest says an oversold trade will yield 6% with a holding time of 10 days, with an 84% success rate. The technical score backtest yields basically the same, yet a 73% win rate.

Here are today’s oversold candidates courtesy of Exodus:


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