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Laggards Find Momentum

$DIG, the ultra ETF for Oil & Gas, landed on today’s momentum screen. $SLB & $HAL, within the oil service space, also find their way to the Exodus momentum scan. $SLB I love with long term money, and actually own some in my IRA. Oil seems to be holding $40, and the industry desperately needs some relief. Let’s see if the group can move this week: $BP, $CVX, $APA, $PE, $HES, $PBR– all made today’s screen.

Other names that surprisingly made todays momentum scan are $GE & $F. Ford we know why– The BRONCO (I will own one at some point in my life no doubt about it). And $GE, a laggard, is finally cheap enough for investors to make some bets on it. Just when you think the market can’t go any higher, stocks like GM & F turn on the momentum.

And, what’s a momentum scan without solar? $FSLR has a strong showing, as did the industry. The Pelican room caught a nice trade in $SPWR today and the group closed strong. For a full look at Tuesday’s scan: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS

Note: $MRNA is up big on Vaccine news and the market loves it. The party continues on…

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