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Monster Energy, Domino’s Pizza, Tractor Supply, & Silver Lead As The World Burns

The world is literally burning down around us, yet stocks continue to climb higher. Anybody still remember Covid-19? Yeah, me either. Anybody betting that the market goes green after digesting the riots? I say no way in hell, but stranger things have happened.

I myself have been busy reopening my business and scalping momentum stocks on the side. I’m hesitant to commit capital to new swing longs and find myself more comfortable scalping momentum as I see fit. I do like to stay on top of the Exodus rankings to see where the money is flowing, and this week it was Monster Energy soda, Domino’s Pizza, and Silver:


The full top 100 names can be found HERE for those that would like to see the full list. Tickers jumping out at me this week include: LLY, ZM, PTR, AEM, JAZZ, CDE, MRSN, & DGLY

Let see if we can catch a few runners this week. See you guys at the open…

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  1. the_wolf

    hey RC, just quick advice/opinion from ya,..
    I’m up 91% in my 2 grotesquely large oil positions in size, but now mi thinking the drillers look ripe,… what do you think,
    patterson and precision up 30% in last 5 days ?

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