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Mother Market Squeezes Short Sellers; Here Are Your Top Ranked Stocks

Mother market did an excellent job this week squeezing all who bet against it, thanks to Jerome Powell & Team. The FED is basically in the market with a bazooka and here I am timid to buy stocks this past week.

The Semiconductor names litter this week’s top 100 list, which was all the bulls needed to keep this rally going. The refiners also made this week’s screen, specifically $VLO & HFC. The pipeline plays are also starting to find buyers, $PAA is the one to watch there, which is a Fly favorite. Will the education names start to move next week? Let’s watch that $LOPE from this week’s list.

Here is your full weekend top 100 screen provided by ExodusCLICK HERE FOR CHARTS. Note that the link is sorted by Market cap, not the actual ranking. Exodus Members can bookmark the rankings HERE.

Mid March, and nearly 36% from the highs appeared to be the bottom in stocks. Yet, I still don’t feel bullish. Have a good weekend all!


This week’s Top 10:

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