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Welcome To The March Madness Finale

What an ugly close to finish a week full of hope for the bulls. $AAPL cratered into the closed, which looked a little like forced selling. This does not bode well for the all electronic market come Monday. At any rate, our March madness tournament is still on and the brackets have been updated. Sadly, it appears $AAPL did not make it to the final four in our 13th annual March Madness Tournament after the final update. Take a look at this week’s final results:


As for stocks, The Fly has us in $FAZ for the great Covid-19 collapse. He also nailed a great trade in $NOVN for cash flow. I have the Exodus room in $AMRX, because HYDROXYCHOROQUINE.

Try to have a good weekend….

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  1. RaginCajun

    There was an error in $SNDX starting price this week. $AAPL was indeed eliminated. (Updated)

    Final Four:

    ZM vs $NTDOY

    QCOM vs SNDX

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