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So March Madness is canceled. They didn’t say suspended, they straight up canceled the most exciting sports tournament of the year. RIP to sport bettors, and $PENN for buying Barstools when we have no sports. You can’t make this shit up.

I said I wanted to buy $DIS when they closed the parks. Well, that is happening, and I still don’t feel like buying. They own ESPN too, what highlights are we going to watch? Old Kobe reruns? I’ll buy Disney at $65.

THE ONLY MARCH MADNESS YOU GET THE YEAR IS THE 13th ANNUAL MARCH MADNESS TOURNAMENT FROM iBC. I can tell people are sleeping on this tournament, but this is all you get, so pay attention. Exodus member, Mint Dragon, has been the favorite through this whole tournament with his squad $ZM. Zoom has held up the best and only down -5%, while the rest are down double digits, with the exception of $TWOU & $TME. What a mess this year! See below:


The full bracket can be found HERE.

My March Madness pick was $TWTR, and sadly I was eliminated the first week. I did however, add to my position today. So far it has been a losing proposition.

Sleep well my friends. Black Monday is upon us. First we got to get through Friday the 13th. Exciting times.

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