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Market Ripe To Squeeze; Watch For Runners

In a runaway market such as this, it makes sense to revisit the old faithful runner screen inside Exodus. This particular screen looks for stocks on the move that have a high short percentage. Think $TSLA.

This has been a go-to screen in frothy markets and helped me find $CLVS in the chat for a nice 8% day-trade.

Members of the Exodus platform can bookmark the runner screen HERE. For those not inside our premium service, have no fear, today’s results have been imported to finviz for your viewing pleasure: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS

Tickers on watch include: X, RRC, OAS, CLVS, CERS, KBH, DDD, IRBT, JKS.

Remember, these are names people are betting against. Should the market get hit, expect these names to follow along with the market. $X is giving us a low risk setup against the recent low @ 8.96. I’ll be looking for a trade there.

Members, make sure to refresh the runner screen in the morning, there will be more.


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