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Runaway Market

You can’t stop the bull in 2020, you can only try to contain it. Short sellers find themselves in a world of pain as the year begins, and underinvested mangers find themselves with a big case of FOMO. Hence, another gap higher. How high will we go? Is this the Euphoria phase? And, who is buying $AAPL @ a 1.4 trillion valuation? It doesn’t matter. It’s a run-away market.

Let’s pick things up where we left off on Friday and look at the strongest names on Friday: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS

Tickers of interest from this screen include: RRC, APHA, BIDU, & DDD. Those tickers are a little less than inspiring, and it almost feels like a stretch looking for long ideas here. I’ll probably sit on my hands once again as the week begins. Congrats to those with heavy long exposure.

It’s a runaway market, until it isn’t. See you guys at the open.

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