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Stocks Start New Decade With A Bang

2020 starts with fireworks, especially in Chinese related names. $BIDU is the standout, a name we highlighted here over the last month. Sadly, I closed out my position before the turn of the decade. $BILI, is another standout today, and a name that @Jungle picked as her stock of the year. I believe she starts the year in first place with here pick, CLICK HERE FOR CONTEST UPDATE.

Also, if I missed anyone’s pick for the stock of the year contest, feel free to let me know. I had tickers coming at me from 4 different sites.

As for today’s momentum scan, here it is in all it’s glory: CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS.

Let’s see if the momentum carries on into the first full week of the year, or if we reverse lower, stopping out early 2020 investors. Always be on guard for the reversal, especially as we start the new year. Developing….

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