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A Few Charts To Shuffle Through On This Cold Starry Tuesday Night

When the penny stocks start popping up on the Exodus hybrid screen you know the market is in trouble. There is still action to be had however, specifically in Biotech. $BLUE saw a huge move in hybrid score today and closed the session well. The gold & silver miners continue to gain traction with $NG, $SA, & $HMY leading the charge today.  And, they just can’t seem to kill $SHOP, up another 6% today.

Here are the rest of Tuesday’s Algo movers, there are a few small biotech names worth an eye: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS.

There’s not much in terms of high probability setups here, so it’s probably better to be quicker with trades as we wrap up the year. As always, you can follow along with us, in real time, inside the Exodus chat room.

See you guys at the open….

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