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$TSLA The Gift That Keeps Giving

$TSLA shorts were in the vice grips once again today as Jefferies upgrades the stock to $400. A member asked me if I was going to take profits on my shares after this large move? I told him it is tempting and it’s likely the prudent thing to do, but I will continue to press my luck here.

As we start another week, let’s get back to our momentum screen, which has $TSLA leading the pack. $ROKU is also on the screen and is putting up a fight after missing expectations in their latest quarter. And, $TDD, how can you not love that move today? The chart is ripe for higher prices there. Here’s a look at today’s full screen: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS

$ACAD made fresh highs here, and is worth a shot over today’s high. $PTON wants to squeeze, and a very good friend of the site says to watch $TWOU here, so that’s what you should do.

See you guys at the open…

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  1. RAUL

    TSLA is all you need cheers

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  2. Omeizer

    Nice call on TSLA for 350+

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