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Not Much Looking Good Except…

The stock they love to hate, $TSLA, was one of the few stocks I follow that had a positive day as we begin the month of October. On strength, watch for a move out of this range:


$OKTA is another name that had a pretty large move in its Exodus score today. Watch for a dip to buy and use the $93 level to measure risk:


Here’s a look at the momentum screen at the close. We still have inverse ETFs populating: $TVIX, $ERY, $DUG, $SPXU, & $SKF, and technicals still favor the downside. Let’s see if we can get some panic selling at the open to buy. I’m still not eager to do much here.


And, here are some seasonally strong stocks to watch for October:

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    $50Bbl was selected long ago. Remember this.

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