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AppleTV+ Service To Start At $4.99

The Apple event is taking place today, but it appears to be a non-event for $AAPL the stock. On the flip side, shares of $ROKU, $DIS, $NFLX are getting “REKT” on the news of a low price streaming service coming from Apple. It appears that Apple is coming for big share of the streaming business as it will be pricing the new TV service at $4.99/mo. Who is not going to sign up for that if you are already in the Apple ecosystem?

The iPhone 11, the new iPhone, is basically the iPhone XR rebranded with a better camera. You get wide shots, and slow motion selfies with the 11. The new phone will also start at $699, a relatively lower price point.

The company is also refreshing the watch, with new health features, and refreshing the iPad once again. Apple did announce that anyone who buys an Apple product will also get 1 year free of their new Apple+ service.

Update: There is also a new iPhone 11 Pro, which will have a higher price point and comes with a third camera. The Mickey Mouse jokes on Twitter ensue:

You can stream the event on Apple’s website: Apple.com

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