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It’s A Brand New Week With Twitter Kicking Things Off tomorrow Morning. Here Are Your Top Hybrid Movers…

It’s a brand new week with many earnings dates to sort through, so let’s start there. $TWTR kicks things off tomorrow morning and looks poised to break higher on good numbers. Let’s watch for a gap and go scenario should we get a bullish report. The reverse is true on a bad report, it will be dead money.  Make sure to check the Earnings calendar below:

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s jump in the new week with today’s top hybrid movers in Exodus. Remember, these are names that saw a big change in their combined technical & fundamental scores— aka The hybrid score.

I’ve imported today’s screen to finviz for the unwashed, to view Monday’s full screen CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS. Your top movers on the day can be found below:


Oil names saw the most action with $DVN & $RIG as your standouts from today’s screen:


$LULU also made today’s screen, which is odd given no big movement today, she’s worth watching on strength:


$MX saw a massive breakout and should be monitored for a red to green move tomorrow. Watch for continued strength:


And, if China names start to move on trade deal news, $BZUN was one of today’s top movers. The daily chart is starting to shape up here:

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