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Lotto Tickets Still Available

The chasers are still out there swishing around money trying to find the next $BPTH, and the Exodus lotto screen is still buzzingOn the very top of today’s screen inside Exodus is $YRIV, up a cool 25%, and MOAR in after hours. Which one will it be tomorrow?

Tonight’s full lotto screen produced 59 tickers to sort through. For those that feel like doing some chart surfing, CLICK HERE.

Oil & Gas stocks showed up heavy today: NE, RRC, NBR, WTI, CRC, SM, SLCA.

TNDM is likely my favorite chart from tonight’s screen. And, here some other biotech bombs to watch based on today’s action: ZYNE, CLSD, AYTU, KPTI, & VSTM.

Exodus members can monitor this screen throughout the trading day simply by bookmarking the following link: “LOTTO SCREEN“.

It should be another fun day in The Pelican Room. See you guys at the open…

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  1. swordfish00

    None of the above… Although I like SFIX, the next move is down.

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  2. ammy hour

    LEDS and MTSL

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