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No Time For Blogging When The Trading Room Is Buzzing

Wow, what a week in the market as we officially have a bubble taking place in the marketplace. One day it’s cannabis stocks, the next day it’s biotech, the next day China, the next day blockchain– Rinse & Repeat.

We have a little lotto screener we are using daily to find these plays, Exodus members can bookmark it HERE. You can also sort the plays by which stocks are trading near the highs of the day, (Bookmark HERE).

For those that have yet to join “The League Of Extraordinary Men & Women in Exodus, a snapshot is found below of tonight’s screens, enjoy!


Today was all about $SEEL, which one will it be tomorrow?


NOTE: Here is your bracket update for our March Madness tournament: CLICK HERE. I need oil to come back hard taking $SLB with it. Good luck all!

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