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Momentum Monday

Judging by the futures it looks like the market is ready to carry over momentum from last week. I, myself, wish I would have traded today. Instead, I opted for heavy deadlift, which may or may not have caused a hernia injury. I’ll get the wife to check to see if there is a bulge later.

For now, with ice on my lower abdomen, I present to you– Friday’s Momentum screen. There are a bunch of names to sort through tonight, but I have laid them out ever so perfectly in finviz for your viewing pleasure. CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS

As we head into the shortened holiday week, here are my favorite chart setups from Friday’s screen, with $OSTK being #1 (We are long inside Exodus). Financials, Gold, Silver, Biotech, & Oil were the standouts as we closed last week, my favorite charts can be found below:

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