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My Stock Of The Year, And The Most Hated Name In The Market

The tweet below ushered in a bunch of opinions from readers on what the most hated stock in the market is. The responses were great, but by the end of the night, based on the number of responses, it was clear that $GE is the most hated name on Wall Street. My pick was $SNAP.

One of my readers mentioned that $SNAP is not hated, it’s just that no one cares about it. Yes, I can agree with that statement, which is exactly why I feel comfortable placing my money here.

The Cajun has love for the $SNAP, but apparently there is deep deep hatred for $GE. And, now maybe $AAPL….

It should be a fun day tomorrow all around with the rare disappointing guidance from Apple. See you guys inside The Pelican Room, aka Exodus.

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  1. Jimmyhat

    Do you use SNAP yourself or have you personally witnessed their attempt at ad revenue? Are you sure the SNAP-saga of 2017 wasn’t driven by generation x’ers who assumed it was a good buy because the app is so popular among their kids?

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