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Disaster On Anniversary Day

As many of you know from my previous post, it’s anniversary time with LSU & Alabama playing each other to start November. This year, my wife and I celebrate 10 years of marriage, a date to celebrate indeed. We did some small travel, and I showered her with a bunch of flowers (Including an aluminum one). She was also gifted a diamond band to go over her other wedding rings, and a new SUV. I think I did good.

The anniversary date which fell yesterday, November 8th, was a great day. Normally, on big occasions, it doesn’t really go so well. This time however, it went damn near perfect. Really, the only reason why I say “damn near perfect” is because I had this $ROKU fucking thorn in my side as I opened my trading app for a quick second. I should have sold the stock there, but honestly didn’t think the quarter was all that bad. So I continued with the festivities.

As we got closer to the closing bell, the thorn in my side became an axe in my abdomen, as this beautiful head and shoulders pattern was playing out regardless of my bullish thesis.

Where does $ROKU go from here? I don’t know, but it seems like dead money for now. Technicals win in a market where stocks are priced to perfection, and I was too slow to act.

I’ve got some work to do next week….

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  1. kdogg1787

    Congrats on 10. Your wife and mine are the same, how many damn rings do you need?!?

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  2. moosh

    ROKU – It’s a cup and broken handle, as some say. Not dead money.

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