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Is It Time To Buy GE General Electric?

No, I’m serious, I want to know. Is it time to buy $GE? Vote below:

Is $GE A Buy Here at $12.50/Share?

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Now that you’ve voted in another useless poll and contemplated owning a piece of CNBC, here are some other tickers to watch this week– all of which come from today’s momentum screen inside Exodus: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS

Despite panic at the open, we had some big breakouts via $VZ & $MCD. With $F & $GE also making the MOMO screen, it seems people ran to the old man stocks today, no Ramp. Let’s see if the bulls show up tomorrow, or if the bears have them in a vice grip. Developing….

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  1. juice

    $GE looks good to go … higher that is

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  2. thegametheorist

    I got in around 13.50 for a long term hold

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