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Stocks Pummeled To Start Q4; Here Are Your Top Ranked Names

The weekend is here and we all get a chance to breathe and survey the damage. It’s amazing to see how many stocks are down 10% from highs since the month began, the damage is widespread, and even gold is trying to bottom. So where do we sit now?  Well, Monday should be pretty telling, so for now, it’s wait and see.

While we wait, let’s take a look at the strongest stocks currently. Here’s a look at the 100 top ranked names inside Exodus. The following names have the highest combination of fundamental and technical scores inside our Exodus Algorithm. This is raw data, with zero filters; CLICK HERE FOR THE TOP 100.

My favorites to watch this for the week include:

It should be another fun week inside the trading room, make sure to stop by as we look to trade a few of these setups. See you guys Monday morning…

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