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5 Stocks To Buy In August

So far the market is off to a good start for the month of August, but there is room for caution if history is to be any guide (see $SPY seasonality).

If we break down the seasonality stats further inside Exodus, looking at individual names, we do have a few performers in the month of August:

HUM – Has a perfect seasonality score for the month in August, trading higher by the tune of +7% for the last 11 years:


P – Pandora normally starts a nice trend higher in the month of August as students prefer to listen to music rather than teachers. I like this one here as the chart favors further upside. The seasonality stats are just a bonus.


SLCA – Looking for exposure to oil & gas? This one has been known to boast double digits returns in the month of August. I like this one here if we see oil climb back above $70, or get a Hurricane in the Gulf.


IAG – Looking for exposure to Gold? The best month to own $IAG is the month of August. I hate gold, so will pass here.


TLT – How about some T-Bills? The month of August has been a great month to own $TLT. Seasonally speaking, it has been the very best month to own, followed by a good month in September:


If you like these stats, this is only a fraction of what our Exodus software can do. Come check out a free 7 day trail NOW.

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