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There Is Always A Good Ticker To Be Found: $BJ

Shifting through today’s top hybrid movers inside our software Exodus, I’ve come across in new ticker, BJ. This may be my new favorite ticker within the entire market, not because of the underlying company, rather so the ticker symbol.

This recent iPO popped up on today’s screen with a +51.14% change in overall hybrid score. A move above the recent high of $25.76 should set this thing on its natural course to $30. Here’s a 30 minute view below: (I’m a buyer on strength)


For a look at the other hybrid movers inside Exodus, (CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS)

A bunch of goodies from today’s screen: HUYA, EXEL, UXIN, CRSP, CBLK

See you guys at the open…

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  1. bhupi

    Though not the best ticker I always laugh at the stocks name: FSCR Federal Screw Works

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  2. Bob

    So you’re looking for a $25 BJ?

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