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Exodus Is Here

The day has finally come for Exodus. What is Exodus? It is new software from iBankCoin designed to help make the retail investor a better one. It is loaded with a bunch of neat features, from screens, to algorithms that point to oversold and overbought conditions, to a community of intelligent traders that share ideas daily.

For long time readers of the site, I highly suggest giving it a test drive. It has taken many years to complete this project, and well worth the wait. To not sign up would be like spitting on the face of this website, which I’m sure some of you would like to do. But, seriously, the amount of time we put in day and day out, you owe Exodus a try, even if only for a month: CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP

One of my new favorite screens, which I have recently created, can be FOUND HERE inside of Exodus.

The screen is a cocktail of all of my favorite screens from the prior version of the almighty PPT. I basically mixed the hybrid screen along with the runner screen, and added in companies that only produce free cash flow. The screen is sorted by top hybrid movers on the day, and again can be saved HERE for members.

The iPO screen from the market grid is also money and worth checking out.

Give Exodus a try, CLICK HERE TO JOIN


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    The definition of exodus: a mass departure of people

    Not a good name for an investment tool.

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  2. RaginCajun

    I originally was going to suggest the name Exodus to Fly when he asked for suggestions. I looked up the definition and saw the same thing. I suggested Genesis instead, he went with second book, Exodus. It makes sense though, a mass exodus of traditional non helpful media into iBankCoin.

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  3. Rastgen

    presented without further comment:


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