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#FF Follow Friday

To keep things going with the “all things twitter” category in 2013, I will continue to list a few twitter follows every Friday in effort to help you build your network of traders. Again, I will only highlight a few every week, so don’t feel bad if you were left out. Eventually, you will make this list.

This week’s list belongs to three traders that stick there neck out everyday with their stock picks and are not afraid to be wrong. They are often more right than wrong, but will be the first to tell you when they muck up a trade.

I know I said I wouldn’t highlight anyone from iBC, but interm blogger @Twosmuth aka Raul, is first on the list. He made a bold call mid week to go long the $SINA, as were many did, but the way he pounded the table on it is why he gets the first spot. Well done Raul. Give him a follow, he has some great market timing tools, great picks, and write great educational pieces on his tab for iBankCoin.

SINA was a popular stock this week, and my next #FF also killed the trade in real time and is a must follow, @BlueFielder. However. SINA wasn’t the only trade he nailed, $CVI come to mind as well as a bunch others. He is deadly with weekly options and puts up some big percentage gainers, if you are in to options or in to stocks in play this is the guy to follow.

Third #FF is another option trader, @Sangluccitrades. When this guy bets, he bets big, and is happy to post his PnL. I love the guts this guys shows whipping around hundreds of weekly options like it ain’t nothing. Some might not agree with his position sizing, but this guy banks coin and is fun to watch in action.

We will keep the list short and sweet tonight, but I will continue to build this list for you under the category, “all things twitter.”

Note: Rumor has it that the beta version of chartpin will be up this weekend, be sure to stop by and share a few charts.

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  1. Raul3

    I really appreciate the shout out good sir. Let’s hit’em again next week.

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