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Clean Slate

I’ve had a great December, but a less than a steller year. This trading year, as well as the one in 2011, have been tough for traders. I can’t remember markets being so hard to game from a swing trading perspective. The swings are unbelievable.

Maybe I’m getting old, maybe the game is getting to fast, maybe charts are losing the weight as algos rule the market.

Whatever the case may be, the year is done and I’m back to cash. The slate is clean, and The Cajun is fixing to have his best year ever for the greif the market has caused him the past few years. This is not a revenge trade, this is fact.

Cheers to 2013! I promise to work even harder this year, become more and more discipline, and most importantly more focused. Happy New Year Everyone! I’m looking forward to a great year.


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  1. Raul3

    Here’s to a great year @RC, one trade at a time baby!

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