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Whoa Nelly

After I sold MHR and VIPS it felt good to book the ten digit gains, and it made sense with my trading plan, but I suspected my mind had gotten in the way almost immediately.  But being overly concerned with booking gains would just jumble my mind further, so I jumped back into the waters looking for my next meal…essentially.

USO, perfect, full size

Bullet point reasoning:

  • “I’m an oil man”
  • USO moves slow like sludge
  • All my mind wanted was crack stocks
  • Was sitting on multi-month support, chillin’
  • An esteemed 12631 member and I discussed and agreed it had a good look

Two of those reasons pertain to how juiced up I was coming off of yesterday.  iBC Chief Market Strategist “The Fly”, the brains of this whole outfit, eased up and I felt overconfident.  Then I missed an entry I really wanted on ONVO.  Then I made an earnest attempt to punch a hole in a solid wood security door after storming away from my desk.

Yeah…it was like, cool out hot head.

So I stopped trading.  I stopped watching the market mostly, too.  There’s over 30% cash in my books and no doubt that I can’t trade my way through a deeper pullback.

Completely aside, the burning Tesla Youtube video has the stink of fabrication.  I have no intention of proving it.  But if all news is fake then so is this spoof video.  Well done.

All news is fake.

Good night

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+ 10%

Through the thick Michigan overcast a blinding beacon of light hast parted the clouds and shined down upon la casa de Raul.  The gods of the stock market saw fit to order their mortal servants (Goldman Sachs) to upgrade the LED sector, levitating my portfolio to unseen highs.

While the indices diddle more than a Sunday school preacher my book of stocks like VIPS, BALT, AMBA, and MHR are ripping the doors off this market.  Counter trend shorts hiding throughout this market are feeling the cold hand of Raul on their necks just before I choke slam them into margin calls.

I did all of this choke slamming and raised my cash above 20 percent.  I have 20 percent cash on hand ready and willing to deploy into hot charts and the blooming LED industry.

Not a share of CREE or RVLT has been sold.  Instead I hold these bits and bites of numbers attached to letters close to chest, weary of any passer by admiring them.  They’re mine!  The precious…

So yeah, I’m on one.

10% in one day would tell the rational person their eggs are too concentrated.  But I never set out to be rational.  I am on a quest for vanishing edge pools and car stables.  I want to stop eating bullshit meat.  I want my meat to live a happy life…rolling in the grass and soaking up sunrays while raising a family.  Then I want the farmer to give that sweet meat the best meal of its life.  Then, like the mafia, quietly sneak up behind the beast and boom!  Dome them, very clean.  I need to make the monies so I can visit my meat and get to know its quirky lifestyle and name.  My meat will not be imprisoned.

Then I’m going to eat that meat poolside, off a model’s ass, while she lies on the hood of my Tesla Model S.

What I am trying to say is I bought more RVLT.  I had too much money after I scratched AIXG.  NEIN!  Nine times that god damn German ADR head faked higher.  Pathetic.

Before I digress any further—good evening to you.  Let’s do this again tomorrow.


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The Real Reason Why I Tuned Out Today

You may be sitting in your little chair looking like a big man, thinking you’ve got Raul hammered down.  You think I turned off my twitter feeds and news flows because I did not want the political theater affecting my decision process while I ferret in and out of the futures market.  I know you rack your brain wondering what Raul is doing, I understand.

But you are wrong.

The real reasoning behind my news diet today was I have not seen the final episode of Breaking Bad yet.  And I have loved that show.  The last thing I want to read is some wonk making some jackass reference that blows the ending for me.  Oh I would hunt that small suit wearing no-neck down and teach him a thing or two about manners.

So I sat in blissful ignorance and made a few bucks trading futures.  Elroi made a few bucks too—was having a great day until he decided to short near the close, again, like a jack asshole, and I was not there to override.  But green still, which is good.  I may hard code a 3:15 pm deadline on Elroi, but I haven’t run the stats yet.

I bought VIPS and sold a little more YGE today.  That is it.  I still intend to hold my YGE runner until the ten dollar print, but I felt my trigger finger itching so I bailed on another third.  I bought VIPS before it has done anything yet.  Both of these moves seem premature so I must make a sacrifice to the gods this evening.  Perhaps my finest stock pick…developing…

I ended the day with my portfolio down 1.5% today which, given the huge gap lower, could have been much worse.  My fond memories of October tells me things are likely to get worse before better, but overall better.  However, I shall not overstay my welcome at the feeding trough. If I get the cut and run feel, I will cut—and of course run.

Nothing like a month end Monday, yes?

Note: I will not be reading any comments on this post until after I watch my teevee show, just in case there’s any wise crackers in the audience.

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