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Mid-Month Checkup

Stocks went bananas today, and our latest big shot short seller has been made to either run for his life or dig his heels in.  Nothing says welcome to the New Year like having your lolli snatched from your pudgy hand, yes my friend?  I profiled a massive seller Monday morning.  The market sat, literally for hours, while the bid in NASDAQ futures was PUMMELED with aggressive sell orders.  The market gave way and promptly sliced to the bottom of intermediate term balance.  I screwed up a bit, selling calls in TSLA that would have launched me into the stratosphere.  Instead, I only rode 90% of my book long for a much more modest ascent.

I sold some positions down today.  I scaled exposure down in CREE, TSLA, and YGE.  I closed C outright ahead of earnings which I later regretted but perhaps tomorrow will exude as genius timing, right?  Honestly, I think they rip post earnings and I wish I had a runner still.  I sold OWW finally too.  This was a December seasonality statistic trade that morphed into a swing trade before finally morphing into a waste of time.  I scratched it as I have no patience for stocks exuding insolence to a broad market on the move.  That is, unless they are sitting out a broad correction.

Today the strength in LITB caused it to swell to my largest portfolio holding.  LITB has taken the proper gaunt stance to propel itself deep into the anus of short sellers.  Something like this:


Later in the day, I scaled 1/3 of my MLNX long and parlayed it into MCP.  These are trades RaginCajun and I are navigating with our distinct SHANK and BANK strategy.  Here we are celebrating:


Lastly, I opened up some February $60 calls in FSLR.  TAN worries me, the solar ETF, but aside from that little detail, I love this FSLR chart.  Plus, if I win I get to talk smack about the old men at Goldman Satchel purse.  Making money comes first, but roasting Old Wall comes in at a close second.  I know, armature.  I don’t care.   Most of you guys are way too serious.

I have 6% cash, the market is fueled by degenerate stocks, and I am up 6% YTD.  I should just close my book and call it a year, but instead I will press on, hopefully amusing my readers in the process.

I have a bunch of selfies of myself doing birkram yoga in LULUs that I will slowly release as my LULU trade starts to work.



Want list: FB, AMBA, and GS

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Raul Takes Up Talking to Birds

I’m feeling very, very angry right now.  Anyone who trades these markets, looking like a stoic, is either a psychopath or a studied philosopher.   I get happy when I follow my plan and make money, and I get raging mad when I deviate from it.

Let’s run down the moves, shall we?

Early on, I engaged the market repeatedly, and donated back my last two days’ gains.  Back to ground zero.  Kewl.  Avoid market rage, don’t engage.

–          I knew once this market made up its mind directionally, it would be big.  The morning built up a ton of energy.  I wasn’t there when the move happened because I was tossing my phone down the stairway.

FSYS, SNE, JKS, NBG – I cut them all, they all lost me money.  NBG never made sense to begin with, even with the 20 percent profit I scaled off.

LULU Lemon calls, purchased at the peak of the great spike of June the fourth, sold, at a loss of course.

Now listen closely: these above positions haven’t even proven themselves wrong yet.  I have proven myself wrong.  And I’m angry.

I’ll be going for a walk now, perhaps talk to some pigeons and see if they have a message from Nicola Tesla.  After such time, I will come back and reassess these markets with a more charged up mind.

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Chasing, Leaving No Stone Unturned

Something is happening to me, something I’ve planned and worked toward all year long.  The budding ideas are beginning to bloom.  I’m becoming a multi-pronged trader.  The tape, it only needs to move, and I’ll be there, making money from it.

I do things, quite majestically.  Take for example my NFLX weekly option trade.  I bought two units early, scaled one off for profit during that precarious double top intraday, and held one through a bit of a drawdown.  This option now stands to make a great deal of money in the morning.  The profit taking gives the confidence to stomach the pullback, at least for me.

My Google runner, I sold it.  It was worth more, and it may rip tomorrow without me, but I avoided turning it into a loss.

This LULU long may still be a loser.  I’ll keep quiet about that seeing as I nearly top ticked it with 3 calls.  You’re never supposed to lose on the internet.

I made money in the S&P futures today.  I can’t post these trades live as they require 100 percent focus and risk management.

My swing portfolio lost money today mostly, but it boasts a large cash position and some green shoots.  Not just pure red.  NBG is my current biggest loser.  New longs include JKS and FSYS.  Cash resides at 33 percent.

New long JKS was practically a mechanical entry.  PPT upgraded it to buy, the hybrid score shot up, and it has a look I know and love.

The green Tuesday streak is over, but I still stand to make a great sum of money tomorrow.  The fade exhibited on my longs only serves as proof that the sellers are in fact afraid and behaving overly aggressive.

Notice: As fast as these buds bloom they can be chopped to bits by a careless lawnmower operator.  It would not be the first time I’ve had fresh ideas minced by the motored blades of the market.  No one ever said it was a safe journey!

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Morning Recap, Waiting For Clues

I only entered into the S&P futures once today, buying a pullback and attempting to inflict pain on the short sellers.  The trade earned two handles on two contracts but once the sellers defended their territory, the land north of 1645, I backed off the action and simply observed.

I had a trigger right at the open to go long, but I was distracted buying weekly calls in NFLX and LULU.  They’re both about flat currently, and I have the distinct feeling I may take some heat before these trades can play out.

I closed out that aching ACHN position, it could still pull off a Hail Mary bounce recovery, but I really don’t feel like sticking around to find out in this overall choppy tape.

I took a 1/3 scale in DANG up here near recent swing highs.

Now I’m essentially sitting on my hands, waiting for the market to play out.

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