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Facebook is up big after hours since reporting earnings.  We are getting sympathy moves in GRPN, TWTR, ANGI, and YELP.  I have a big heaping pile of exposure to all of these names, as well as many others, in a book of risk I can only describe as an autonomous, morphing blob hell bent on consuming all internet traders into its belly.

I continued my buying campaign today, chugging down calls in AMBA and common in CUDA like a raver six molly deep.  I have consumed a disgusting amount of caffeine over the last 48 hours, toiling over market charts and building my next empire, something much bigger than anything you see on these interwebs.  I smell like a Monster and old ladies are scoffing at me while I walk around in deep-V t-shirts in the arctic north.  I do this because it reminds me I am still a living entity and not a zombie robot.

The market has pressed the boot deep into my stomach, yet it cannot make me regurgitate the libations boiling in my gut.  I have no interest in ending the party.  If I must, I will BE the party.

If my prophecies prove correct, educated guesses built on the knowledge and labor of elder generations, then I stand to make a great sum of money in February.  I stand to make a great deal of money and it all starts with tomorrow’s sit.  I will sit here, sucking down chili dogs and guzzling flaggarts of ale while the little bitches get their quick fix and take profits.  Hell, I may even take out the lever and buy some MOAR.

IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE: LinkedIn is for old men with the poopy trousers to rub one another off.  That being said, I have tuned up my profile as part of my continued quest to infiltrate and dominate the business community.

I have already divulged too deeply into my plans.  Now I must go spoil my body with iron work designed to create perfect symmetry and posture.  Hide your wives and tell you kids about a brave man who roams the internet, in a loin cloth, trading these stocks.

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The Social Experiment Continues

I have been trading these social media stocks, the fire, names like FB, TWTR, Z, YELP, TRLA, ANGI, and GRPN since I started blogging here back in the cussing days.  I would cuss and trade these stocks, like an internet villain of sorts, for my profit and your entertainment.

I was trying to get people excited about my little blog, over here.

I bought weekly calls in YELP and TWTR this afternoon, which prompted distinguished 12631 trader @ckelly44 to question what I was seeing, and also to explain a bit more about the trade.  First, what I was seeing is this:


Second, we have Facebook earnings out tomorrow, and I have no idea what they are going to report.  However, many social media stocks are in alignment into the earnings.  Therefore, I expect a very binary response from the names once Facebook reports.  I had a hard time choosing between TWTR and YELP, therefore I picked both—like a good American.

Here’s the YELP:


While we’re looking at charts, here’s FB:


This same look can be seen in Zillow too.  ANGI is trading a bit radical, but nice too.  Here’s the kicker, I have exposure to all of the above names like some kind of crack head.  Should the names bounce, I will have exposure to said names, all of them, until Friday.

Here’s the exposure catalogue:

Z – Feb $95 calls and common stock

GRPN – Feb $12 calls

FB – Feb $57.50 calls

TRLA – Feb $40 calls

TWTR – weekly $65 calls and common

YELP – $80 weekly $80 calls

ANGI – Feb $17.50 calls

Via the above pot of positions, I have a ton of exposure to social media.  More exposure then I have ever had in my life, as a matter of fact.  The crazy part is, only one of those call positions needs to cooperate and I will profit.  Options, when bought with halfway decent timing and proper sizing, offer a much more modest risk profile then I previously understood.  Should they all lose after a big FB upset, my book will sink about 3.3% from here.  That is losing ALL of the premium. I know, bananas.

I have a short term expectation for movement higher, you see?

MOVING ON…I had some AAPL call exposure left that scalped me today, yet I am still up 1.6% on the day.  Leading the way was LEDS.  The stock went #BEASTMODE into the bell on heavy volume.  Someone wants some LED exposure.  I still hold 25% of my risk in the LED industry.  I have not sold anything yet.  Today it became clear they are making another attempt to take my shares from me.  They will fail, again.

I am most bullish on the LED industry.  Next is social media, and third is natural gas.  It is so freakishly cold here in Michigan, colder then I can remember.  Also, they are limiting the propane deliveries to the hilled billy folk, telling them to, “get with the times and hook up to a natural gas pipe.”  I was going to get something exotic, like UGAZ, but I opted to follow The Fly into AREX.

I did not sell anything yet, therefore my cash is down below 10 percent.  I think we still trade lower from here, but it is also my expectation that individual stocks will be allowed to behave on their own merit.  This could be seen today in volatility, which was crushed.

Here’s my plan, we stuck to it today, albeit slightly weaker than expected.  Let’s see what tomorrow may bring:



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Where Is Santa?

The selling continues this afternoon, with sellers continuing their blitzkrieg campaign with a 2pm algorithmic shock wave.  A block trade like the one we just experienced at 2pm is a way of starting a siphon—the algo sucks on the tube with the intent of motivating atmospheric pressure to move liquid(ity).  Once it starts the flow, a force of equal or greater value must arrive to stop the force.

There’s nothing wrong with sell algos, they just receive more criticism then buy algos.  They are both attempting the same feat.

Keep the context of our market in mind.  It is mid-December, we have had a huge run, correlations are low, the long term trend is higher, risky assets continue seeing cash inflow, and sellers just controlled their first week since mid-summer.

With that in mind, and despite my extensive coverage of the indices, I think it is important to keep your focus on individual setups and how they are behaving.

My book is going out 95% long after purchasing OWW today at the top tick.  I have other names of interest, including LEDS basing just below one dollar.

My AMZN YOLO lottery ticket was a loser.  I risked the entire premium because it was a lottery ticket.  It had a moment of hope early on, but could not breach recent overhead supply.  The trade needed more time than one day.  I realized this soon after taking the trade, and was discussing how TSLA would have been a more prudent YOLO…if there is such a thing.

I never grabbed ENPH yesterday.  Instead I just watched it and commented on it.  Now I cannot buy it and it can likely go much higher.  I simply lack to conviction to assume nearly 20% more risk.

My book of stocks spun donuts in the mud this week even though I have winners among my ranks.  Here’s the book, largest-to-smallest:


Final word of on the market – this looks like discouragement phase, where the market makes an earnest attempt to steal away your favorite shares.  Review your risk plans, make adjustments where necessary, and stick to them.  Do not assume gains are guaranteed.

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Simply Put – We’re Not Making Enough Money

As the rally pushes on, showing small signs of exhaustion but by no means cueing the fat lady, stocks…well most of them…are simply not providing the returns necessary to support the superfluous lifestyle we desire.

How is one to afford three-tiered infinity pools when their variable income is only a few hundos?

And I get it, it’s a tough tape, a stock picker’s market if you will, but none of this matters.  I want my cake.

Let it be known that I crushed the EXK trade so far and the BPZ awesomeness.  And I needed to because my two jumbos ENPH and TPX and a pair of smitten homos at a pride festival: useless to society.  On the day, I was up just a tad below 1%.

Futures are considered a different beast by some, but I think you just have to sharpen your lens and get a good timeframe that works for you.  For some it’s the 2500 contract volume bar, for others it’s renko bars or minute bars.  I use a range bar, currently the 6-tic.  But if you find a chart and like the way it trades over a few 100 days of data, go for it.  It’s no different than trading a stock.

My futures game is getting tight as in I know it’s getting close to reaching the next level of profitability.  I need to make sure the next time we see a real intraday opportunity in the market I can stick to my plan and not go cowboy on the tape.

Anytime the tape is levitating and I’m not making money, I start jamming into lots of names.  Instead, I’m doing the opposite, trimming some long exposure where I have wins and cutting out a few names.  I sold GRPN for example…at break even.

I’m sick of talking about myself, what’s working for you?  Are you playing the biotech lotto?  Are you utilizing an option strategy during earnings?

Are you crushing some earning’s action?

I know someone is coming all over this tape, I’d love to hear about it. (no homo)

I’m off to peddle graveyard roses for grocery money…

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Buying These Deals Now

INTC revenues came in a bit weak and the stock printed a wild electromagnetic pulse after hours but is mostly unchanged.  IBM is up afterhours and SNDK reported great numbers ripping bears to shreds and storing the gif for future enjoyment.

Clearly technology stocks are a store of value.  Be sure to ignore EBAY, the home of porn stars and packrats, they’re getting crushed after hours after guiding lower.

It’s been a rather mild first inning of earnings, has it not?  Where’s all the fire and brimstone I heard so much about?  There’s a lot of baseball left I suppose…

We’re trading along rather quietly amongst the all-time highs this week in many names.  My favorite 52 week high is Zillow, printing a very sexual 69 high water mark.  Leave it to the real estate folks…

The SPY printed a pronounced head and shoulders pattern intraday, but it never followed thru.  It tried once, but was pinched higher after a lack of follow through was presented in the form of selling.  We did have a very aggressive seller reaction at the highs this morning.  It resulted in me staying long in the futures market all session long, missing lunch, and eventually closing the position for small, stupid gain.

I have so many longs set up well, I had to sell a few shares as sacrifice to the rally gods.  I scaled off some FB and some IMMR.

This also gave me some much needed cash, which I promptly placed into GRPN.  I know I like today’s action and I’m one to put money where my mouth is.  Beyond that I abhor Groupon mainly because I’ve only actually used 2 of the 10 coupons I bought.  My assistant buys most of his lunches via their ‘Now’ service, but he has much more time on his hands.

For the day, I’m up on all accounts, albeit modestly.  I still want my space launch.

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