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My Plan Is To Now Become An Oil Man

I cleaned up my books early on like I stated earlier, cutting out EXK, TPX, and AMBA.  Elizamae and I have been running charts into the sentiment cycle like a couple of kids who found gamesages for the first time.  Like we’re cheating on the video games, you see!?

Gamesages.com and gamefaqs.com take me back to the simpler days of the internet, where message boards were the beacon of truth and trickery.  I still don’t think I would have beaten the Nintendo 64 Legend of Zelda without those sites.  Legend of Zelda for NES, of course, required the printed manual until it was memorized and executed without reference.

Holy shit childhood was awesome.

All this I say to convey to you the fact that I like the setup in Oil (with a capital ‘O’) and I intend to play along.  How brutal was it to read that sentence?  Heheh

I started getting this going via END because I like that chart.  Don’t buy it, leave it here for me to think about and accumulate. They report August 6th actually so buy it with great vigor so I can sell to you.

I want to ETF into the pure stuff too, perhaps USO or one of its relatives.  I want oil to go higher.  I want gas to cost $50 dollars/gallon too, so the traffic goes away.  One of these thoughts is a dream, the other a distinct probability, I’d say oh about 70 percent.

I want oil exposure gentlemen, don’t hesitate to share your favorite with me so I can poach them and hang their corpses from my walls.

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