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Closing Thoughts

Try as you might, you can’t buy RGLD sub 50.  Even when the opportunity presents itself, you’ll take to twitter and declare the next plunge in GDX.

Sometimes you don’t understand the force behind a play, but you go along with it anyway.  Broadcasting stocks are strong, I bought NXST.

Heptics, get with it.  IMMR

Your eyes are important.  Take care to keep them healthy even if it means getting away from your monitor to see the doctor.  No eyesight = no trader.

Utilities might actually die for bit.  Frowny face AWK.

CREE might take some heat next week.  I’m ready for that.  I’m ready for lots of that.  CREE is offering the EASIEST way for our country to reduce its energy consumption.  They’re perfectly aligned with our administrations agenda, and they make lots of money.  Hard to value but I continue to see all analyst coverage as short sighted.

FB is bracketed.  If it comes unhinged and decimates investors again I will me very surprised.

INVN is another great story stock, I’ll tell you over a bonfire soon.

HAIN is quiet, HAIN is good.

DECK made a nice comeback today.  I like comeback stories.  I smell seller exhaustion.

ANGI has been my second most profitable stock of the year to trade.  Who is to say I’m wrong at this juncture?

OMEX needs to find some sunken ship booty, stat.

Enjoy your holiday weekend.  Electronic music invades Detroit in a big way every Memorial Weekend.  I may partake mostly for the people watching.  I’ll be in-and-out, preparing for to crush our shortened trading week come Tuesday.

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This is a Lovely Room of Death


Guys, there must be down days.  And when we’re in the stratosphere, atop the treacherous K2, guided by our Sherpa—gentleman Ben—and a group of extorting Sherpa come and kick your pack mule down the mountain and demand monies…there’s going to be some casualties.  You may need to hunker down low and take some hits.  You need to be ready to sweep the leg.

As traders, we’re paid to take daily beatings from the market.  It hardens you.  HDGE was my worse loss of the year, trimming a cool three percent off my high water mark.  Guess what?  I crested my portfolio over that mark since then, and now I’m off my new peak by two percent.  It happens fast.   You have to keep your wits about you.

This may be the start of a peak-to-trough environment.  This can last weeks.  WEEKS!  Oh the humanity.  But before we can say that with any kind of confidence we need to see price acceptance below TWO, you heard me right TWO major areas of balance which are way above where this market could pull back and still be considered VERY constructive.

I’ll look at the primary and most actionable balance distribution in the morning.

These Stocks:

I booked some winners that were lingering, some losers that were fingering, and some scratches that were carrying curious implications.

YELP was cut early.  It was crowded, that’s how crowded flag breakdowns play out.

RGR was an early sale too.  I caught the swing low, it’s been dead fish forever, when that first crazy sell frenzy happened in the spooz this morning I booked it.

I sold JRCC as it butted up against resistance.  The Plan says I must sell logical price levels, even if it’s my last piece.  I can always buy it back at a better price, at least that’s my mentality.

I booked GS because the devil’s been shorting it, I had 6 percent plus gains, and the daily candle looked nasty.  Financials have been a big driver of this move, we could rotate out of them and still see the tape flat/higher.

I sold SCTY late afternoon, after adding to my position early.  Net-net I make over 10 percent playing this crack rock.  Awesome, except it was good for over 20 percent at one point.  A win is a win, I suppose.

I added to my CREE investment.  They’re a great company.  Remember, this is a multi-quarter hold after booking massive gains in the name trading style Q1.  I’m wearing my investor hat on this one.  That being said, it also printed a nasty daily candle.

I caught the breakout in IMMR early.  It’s this type of aggression that allows me to not experience much emotion when the breakout sputters out like this one did.  It has Fly power behind it, so I’m giving it room.

Bottom line: you’re surrounded by algorithms wielding meat cleavers, protect your neck with profit scales and stop losses.  My cash pushed way up into the bell, damn near 50 percent.  I don’t like lazy cash so I’ll be hunting tonight.

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The Stocks: They Want Higher

Sometimes you have to let a trade effervesce, gently bubbling higher.  Such is the case with LOCK, apparently.

Other times you give the trade room, and only offer it your left hand.  This is how I’m getting back into my good friend RGLD, our favorite Senator’s mining situation.

Then there’s downright degeneracy, demanding nothing but instant gratification because well, you’re a degenerate and want it NOW!  If you bought SCTY this afternoon and didn’t have this mentality, I tip my hat to you and your courage.

Let me be frank for a moment.  This has been a fantastic, albeit slightly frantic, day for the bulls and America in general.  These markets are enfuego, IN MAY.  I really hope portfolio managers took their stupid axiom to heart and missed all this capital appreciation.  For I hate them, mostly.

Raul worked in the financial services industry once.  Let’s just say there wasn’t enough trading, if you know what I mean.

My happy place is buying and selling things, all the time, like one of those Pawn Star folk.

Into the weekend, my cash is down to 30 percent.

I’ve put a shit ton of longs on, more than I can properly manage.  This weekend, I’ll be ranking these and consolidating them down.  But as it stands, here’s the look, by size:


Investments: SAM, CREE, AAPL, AWK

If you follow along on the Twitter you’ve seen these things come on, you’ve seen me scaling them down, and now I bid you adieu.  I’m off to fillet and eat one of my minons.

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We Can’t Go Up Every Day, But I’m Long Tons of Names in Case We Do

The market is digesting the gains bulls achieved earlier in the week with a consolidation today.  There isn’t a doubt in my mind that we’re overbought here.  But we simply haven’t seen any high volume distribution.  It’s just one rotation after another from extended stocks to the ones setup below.

I’m putting money in several names, looking to catch the next rotation.  I’ll be honest.  I don’t know where it will be.  My two primary rotational plays are LOCK and JRCC.  Lock is up over 10 percent this month but hasn’t pumped alongside the overall market this week.  JRCC is coal, so who the hell knows if it will catch a solid bid?

HAIN keeps marching ahead and I’m giving it space, but may take another scale soon.  I can’t resist booking gains.  The downside is I wind up with little fragments of runners in my books.  Current runner fragments include FB ANGI GS and RGR.  I’m considering adding to FB and RGR, but not ANGI up here.

My long term plays are AAPL AWK CREE and SAM.

My dog today is JOEZ jeans.  It needs to shape up soon or I’m cutting.

Cash is dwindling, down to 38 percent.

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Eventually I Have to Close this DAMN $HDGE P.O.S.

I have positioned myself in these markets exactly how I didn’t want to—long this HDGE cheese and bologna sandwich with a side of stocks and cash.  What a shame it is.

This is how the week has played out for the Raul:

I’m trading this ES_F in the mornings.  I enjoy the process and planning.  My win rate is 70 percent meaning I’m right WAY more than wrong.  This is a critical component to consistent profitability.  However, I’ve deviated from my plan a few times this week and it has resulted in me losing money.  I’ve lost over 600 dollars, a gift to the market gods.  I kid you not, EVERY time I deviate from my plan I lose money.  Every time.  Next week, my goal is simply to not deviate from the plan.  If I stick to my plan 100 percent next week, I’m going downtown and getting a steak the size of a toilet seat.  Until then, no red meat.  I’ve been too aggressive.

I’m red on stocks too.  Unreal right?  Stock market went up five days straight!  My CREE is up 6 percent.  I’m still red.  I had a losing trade in ANGI.  Other notable weakness in my book includes FB and SAM.  BBRY is new and still looks decent, same with new long YELP bought this afternoon.

I have this damn HDGE.  It hasn’t bothered me all week, until today.  I bought this position as insurance for my book.  Much like real life, the insurance just costs me money and I receive zero benefit beyond homo peace of mind.  I’ve accepted that.  I even expected that.  But my patience wears thin.  My cost basis is $18.30 and it’s unlikely we see that level any time soon.  HOWEVER, it’s so very oversold here.  “Markets—rational—irrational—solvency”  bla bla bla.  I know…I’m not adding to this name, I’m simply managing my way out of it.  I’ll close on the next bounce.

As bad as this all sounds, my book is hardly down.  As a matter of fact, I’m 12 percent YTD.  Last year about this time I had already given back all my double digit gains on the year.  Perhaps memories of that savage dick punch are what have me positioned oh so homo.

All-in-all I still consider this week a success.  Sometimes you just have to pay the troll toll to get out of a market hole.  I’ll be burning thickets of sage to cleanse my home of demons and digging into The PPT for clarity.  Best part: we get to come back Monday and do it all again.

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Cliché April Foolery

Perhaps it’s the crystal crack meth I’m holding in my portfolio, and the fact that each of them is a loser, but what looks like minor damage on the S&P has my portfolio down 1.5 percent today.  If I was heavy long, sure, that makes sense, but with cash over 50 percent it comes as a bit of a surprise.  It’s like oh hello April, I see you’re coming in like a lion.

So I’ve been forced to take two losses today; first I cut Yelp, and this afternoon Ford.  Here’s the gist, at this juncture, I’m not loosening risk and letting setups work.  Ford very well could turn around this week, but the daily chart is sloppy, and not something I’m lending patience to right now.

Yelp plum fell on its face, as did most of the social media space. To hold even a trace would be a disgrace. I want only the ace. I want the ace.

My holdings now are (by size) CMG, ANGI, AIG, ZNGA, CREE, and old pokey aka AWK.

We could talk about each and what they’re doing, but you have charts yes?  You see much of what I do, no?

Here’s my bottom line: there’s lots of POMO on tap this month.  It’s a strange environment.  As we wind down into the close, we’re getting a b-shaped profile, suggesting long liquation and not much more.  The sellers made progress on many individual charts, but they haven’t taken the big board yet.  Moreover they haven’t controlled the big board all year.  However, this is a new quarter, a page turn if you will.  Therefore we all need to stay vigilant.  Like, why the hell is the Yen so strong today?  Just be cognizant of the environment.  I’m a bit unsure, hence my huge cash.

Be well.

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Today’s FUCK Is Brought to YOU by the Letter $CREE

You are dealing with a very jaded trader, folks.  It really takes something big to rustle my jimmies.  Being fired from iBankCoin was like coming into my home and kicking my dog.  That just brings out an entirely nasty side of Raul that NOBODY wants to be around.

So here I am, losing twitter followers daily, picking my cursing back up, flipping a middle finger to slow drivers in the fast lane, and BANKING COIN AT ALARMING RATES.

iBankCoin is the ONLY website I’ve trusted to be a beacon of truth for the last four years of my life.  I thought I found my people.  Pirating, profiting badasses.  Then I got fired while pounding the table on winners.

Do you have any idea how bullish I’ve been on CREE?  I’m not going to fish through my archives, Fly’s comment boards, The PPT, and twitter to show you.  Instead I solemnly swear that what I tell you is truth.  I trade real money and I love it.  I’ve blown up no less than three accounts in my quest.  I’ve penned horrible blogs, and good ones.

All I can do is continue down this rabbit hole to wealth and decadence.  There was a day when hitting grand salami’s at a high average earned accolades and a respectful seat at iBankCoin.  Now it earns you a cold cup of soup and a back-alley dick punch.

Yet still, here I am, grinning ear-to-ear.  Back to trading.

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Drinking The Kool-Aid

Ladies and gentlemen I’ve done it again.  The session is wrapped up, the best day of the year for the Dow-as a matter of fact-and looking at my portfolio’s gains you would think I was levered long.  I gained 2.4% today even though I started the day with 50% cash.  Bananas, I know.  I had a couple monsters in my port though.  They did horrible things to the shorts today.

I was in a rather gregarious mood from the moment I woke up today, mostly stemming from the fact that I recaptured my raw tick data on the S&P March future contract.  When it was taken from me last night, it felt like the time my Spanish teacher took my magical deck of cards away.

He caught me shuffling one handed while we watched Salina and snatched the cards cold out of my hand.  I met him after class and kindly asked for the cards back since they were a gift from my parents.  I explained how they traveled to the mystical lands of Las Vegas for the cards, and how it was quite the journey.  I did not get my cards back, but was instead shown the trash bin, where he proudly displayed his work: he had cut each and every card in half.  I learned that day to never trust a Spaniard.

Anyway, with my data in tote and a fresh coat of snow on the ground, I smooth cruised (No Triumph) into the office.  As the day progressed, I started hearing the pump whispers.  It was time to throw out a few #trampstamps:

I was in a gregarious mood then, it carried throughout the session and before I knew it my 50% cash became 30% and I had many more shares of CMG, ZNGA, ANGI, and CREE.  Hell I bought some KORS too, hoping to get elizamae back hooked on that crack.  Now I have a bit of a shameover © because a few of the names lost crucial ground at the bells.  But like a proper bad influence I have BIG Ben handing me a fresh cup of kool-aid, telling me, “ga’head, speculate on the GOOD stuff.”

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All About Location


If we are going to stage a low volume lift to new highs this week, you want to be in the names that stand to benefit from such a move.  You want to be in the charts with the best risk profiles and potential upside. 

With that in mind I sold TSLA when it was met by sellers this morning.  I didn’t want to over stay my welcome at casa de Musk.  I booked the gain and refocused the funds into a higher probability setup.  Today, that setup is FSLR.  Solar has been hot this year, but last week offered us discount pricing on the premium we’ve been dealing with in solar.  I bought First Solar in size.

ANGI and CREE are getting sold today and I couldn’t be more excited about this.  I need more of both.  I have a legacy ANGI position from before earnings, and I dipped my beak back into CREE Friday after selling my initial beak dip for a 12% gain.  I’m ready to buy these names on the cheap, stay tuned.

I locked in some of this massive ZNGA win again too. Still holding about a 3/5 sized position.

Find your location and position for the pump.  If we dive instead, you should have your risk defined.  Take your loss like a pro and move on.

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Keeping Your Cool


Yesterday and today I have been faced with the increasing challenge of keeping my cool during a missed opportunity.  I participate in the markets primarily as a trader who sashays in and out of high probability chart setups.  But I also like digging into a company or sector occasionally and getting a feel for their business.  This is exactly what I have been doing with Cree over the last two weeks.

It is one of the stocks I identify as aligned with our current administration.  We know our government is into wealth redistribution so we might as well try to position some resources on the receiving end.  Companies and municipalities can convert their existing lighting infrastructure over to LED at a relatively reasonable rate to place themselves in the grace of our Premier.

CREE is the pure LED play and their new technology is reducing the price point verses traditional lighting options.  And the increased efficiency per lumen is making the recuperation rate a much shorter duration.

I was going to put on a little teaser position into the close yesterday.  And I didn’t and they crushed earnings.  The stock was up big after hours.  I listened to the conference call and like where their strategy is and the way they communicate with Wall Street.  I planned to buy them today on the first dip.

The market opens up and the stock goes parabolic, +20% and I watch, waiting like a sun soaked lion.  It starts to pullback and I’m like, “Oh God, yeah.”  Now I’m just waiting for signs of buyers.  It keeps coming back to me, I keep watching, very happy about the development. 

10:23AM:  I’m loving the action, it’s come in quite a bit, and I’m waiting for the heavy lifters to step in.  *RING RING* “We need you in (insert bologna corporate agenda here) meeting right now.”  You’ve gotta be kidding me.

I oblige, we talk about nothing for a bit while a decrepit fossil figures out the projector, talk about what? Nothing, and I get out a little after eleven.  Instantly pull up a quote, up nearly 50 cents, awesome, risk=higher.  I reassess risk and buy as fast as my fingers can click like a good button presser.

Sashay, sashay, then a pump.  And here we are and I have a small 1/4 positon, fully willing to ride an entire gap fill.  Though I doubt we will see it.

Moral: keep your cool, always define risk, and one of my favorite Fly axioms:

When’s the best time to buy a winner?  Always.

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