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The Hipster Index

With #OWS grabbing the media’s fickle attention, I ponder the holdings a hipster index would include.  The thought originates from two of my current holdings, APP and WFM.  See this:

 American Apparel ads fill the filthy-wet dreams of hipsters, all kinds.

WFM employs the trendy unwashed and they love their jobs.  Can you say attrition?  Check it out sometime.

 I would add Tom’s shoes but they’re private, bastards.  And that’s where I cease to devote effort to building the hipster index and I implore your assistance:

 What would you include in the hipster index clever gents?

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Attention Whore Banks

 I let the dust settle this morning and now I’ve reduced my SKF exposure in half.  The Euro deal is on like Lebron, and I want to reduce my downside exposure.  Chess produced an excellent piece yesterday evening detailing the constructive price action occurring in the finance sector.  Thus I shall not hover hand, nor will I grab on to the lovely lady with bravado.  I’ll ignore the financials until they stop behaving like attention whores.

Plan is to let my port become ever so slightly net long, but I’m not adding to my longs yet.  I want more WFM mind you, but I demand a discount!

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My Portfolio has SKFilis

And that shit burns.  Per my previous post, my portfolio is excruciatingly neutral.  The top ten holdings of SKF look bullish on the charts, each in their own special way.  Check it out:


 AXP looks a bit coked out and ready for a break, but the rest have consolidated well and appear poised for a pop.  So poised in fact, the opposite may happen.  Hell if I know, perhaps shorting the banks was bad, evil?

 MA not so bullish and could be forming intermeiate term top.

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Playing Basketball with Mike Jordan

Blogging in the presence of Senor Tropicana is like playing hockey with Eric Lindros: boss.  I feel so fucking honored for this opportunity.

I will speak with brevity, but only to not waste our time.  My account is bullshit and five figures.  I’ve never had liquidly concerns when entering a position. 

For what seems like an eternity said bullshit portfolio has taken a neutral position.  Cash hordes hover high, no less than 50% because fuck, if iBCs tier-one’ers are holding cash, who the fuck am I not to?

I’ve been averaging in and out of WFM for the last three months and now only retain a small core position. How small you ask?  Fucking small, 45 shares.

I’m in GSVC like everyone else on the internet except Howard Lindson who lives on an island.

I picked up RGLD on sale early this month for 61 bucks.  Feel sweet and will add to the position on a decent pullback.  I would be scaling some off this week, but have only a ½ position.

I’ve held AWK since MCT highlighted it in January and hold a decent amount of my worth here, about 10 percent.

High spec play (more high spec than GSVC…lol) is APP.  They’re a going concern and under a buck, true piker shit.

And last but not least, SKF with an average price of $76.4 fucking 1.  A position so logical it’s been incredibly wrong.

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