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.9999 Pure RGLD

RGLD keeps running like a beast.  We all want a pullback.  I initiated my position October 4th, a.k.a. swing low sweet mother fucking chariot.  The buyer’s sharp rejection of a high volume node and a distinct hallway encounter lead to the purchase.  I immediately reported my dip into Mr. Gint’s well as any humble guest would:


I marked up the below chart with what I see as price points to gobble up some RGLD and I hope to see these prices before the great feast.  Click the chart to enlarge and read my tiny but witty yellow font commentary:

Also, I drew a rectangle on a chart earlier today explaining where I want to buy more WFM.  Here are my additional thoughts:

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No Thanksgiving Rally for WFM

WFM’s grocery aisles are humming with activity as preparations begin for the upcoming mass Thanksgiving consumption, but the stock price is still too rich.  It needs to be reduced.

I want more shares, and I will look for buyers to show interest as noted on the following chart:






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Italy’s Hot Ticket Out

Andrea Rossi.  Heard about this guy?  Seen this guy?  On October 28th the Italian physicist demonstrated what is best described by curious scientists as a cold-fusion device.  Rossi calls it the E-Cat and doesn’t give a fuck if you believe it works, unless you’re prepared to cough up a cool $15 milli.


This isn’t Rossi’s first foray into the energy world.  He spent the late 70’s converting trash into oil.  In the 90’s he began refining his oil and producing and selling fuel at nearly a 30% discount to similar fossil derived products.  He did what any successful Italian would do in 1995 and formed a racing team.  He ran the car on his fuel and performed admirably.

Rossi smashed more in the 90’s than Big Meech.  Then they fucked him, banned his product, and threated jail time.  Might as well castrate the gent or gouge out his eyeballs.  But the “eye ties” learned their lesson after the Galileo incident, I suppose.

Perhaps Rossi learned his lesson.  Fool me once you sum’ bitch as our great Premier Bush would say. The leery inventor is playing his cards close to chest.  He’s formed Leonardo Corporation with the intention of building and selling his E-Cat device.  He claims the technology is running a factory as we speak.

Everyone knows the fucking boot births geniuses.  Could he be loved like Ford?  Or will he be hated like Rearden?

Trending Beyond Kardashian
Trending Beyond Kardashian

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WFM Not Growing Fast Enough

WFM announced earnings this afternoon beating analyst estimates by a penny @ $0.42/share.  Meanwhile they’ve managed to grow same store sales 8.7% during a fucking economic shit storm, lending a hand to the consumer polarity argument.  Not good enough.  Shares are down $5.00 afterhours.  Apparently investors are pissed the company did not pass through enough food inflation.

I like WFM because it’s growing and exploiting the health and wellness infatuation trend.  People who care to give a fuck (what?) don’t want corn fed beef, instead they want said beef walking around the prairie munching grass and weeds.  Mr. Gint will give you the skinny on GMOs being a gift to your grandchildren, but I prefer my beef avoids confinement to a feeding stall.  I also like the attrition.  So many of my friends who’ve been otherwise unemployable take pride in their tenure as WFM bagging clerks.

The increased dividend concerns me.  What the fuck management?  You can’t find the next group of LULU babes jonesing for feel good blueberries?  As an investor I don’t want WFM to give me a dividend, but to grow!

Confidence Building Food
Your Food is Your Motivation

I still like the company in the intermediate term.  WFM is strong in a bitch of a consumer segment.  I will use a pullback to increase my holding.

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Hold the phone, I earned 5 basis points today.  Maybe I’ll go buy a hot corned beef sandwich.  The current uptrend is steep.  Make tea.

Goodie, let the line I drew on my charts breach so the “I told you so” pricks can crawl back out. Good evening twitter commentary will follow.

Most of my companies announce earnings this week.  WFM will crush.  Can you believe they’re opening a store in downtown Detroit?  You probably can’t because you’re afraid to hustle hard on the boulevard.  But let me assure you, if WFM’s management sniffed out the dirty D’s golden grocery opportunity, they’re fighting the good fight nationwide.

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Neutral in Surge

Funny thing, seeing the market skyrocket in October and my portfolio doing jack shit.  Hobo clown funny.  Sitting in cash while the drama plays out is one thing, but I have my positions: APP, AWK, GSVC, RGLD, SKF, and WFM.

 I could have made a few bucks, but I added more SKF’s like some kind of knife catching circus performer on 10/25.  Sweet timing.  The day before financials have their “coming out” party.  Queers.  I cut the position in half yesterday around 10am for a decent fill, relative to the continuing homo bank surge. 

 Today I added some APP.  I like the price action of h/h, h/l.  And with GSVC slap-chopping higher I’m right where I found myself at the beginning of this festive month. Lame.

 My stance needs to become more directional sometime soon.  A healthy pullback could be welcomed.

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The Hipster Index

With #OWS grabbing the media’s fickle attention, I ponder the holdings a hipster index would include.  The thought originates from two of my current holdings, APP and WFM.  See this:

 American Apparel ads fill the filthy-wet dreams of hipsters, all kinds.

WFM employs the trendy unwashed and they love their jobs.  Can you say attrition?  Check it out sometime.

 I would add Tom’s shoes but they’re private, bastards.  And that’s where I cease to devote effort to building the hipster index and I implore your assistance:

 What would you include in the hipster index clever gents?

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Attention Whore Banks

 I let the dust settle this morning and now I’ve reduced my SKF exposure in half.  The Euro deal is on like Lebron, and I want to reduce my downside exposure.  Chess produced an excellent piece yesterday evening detailing the constructive price action occurring in the finance sector.  Thus I shall not hover hand, nor will I grab on to the lovely lady with bravado.  I’ll ignore the financials until they stop behaving like attention whores.

Plan is to let my port become ever so slightly net long, but I’m not adding to my longs yet.  I want more WFM mind you, but I demand a discount!

Best Regards,


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My Portfolio has SKFilis

And that shit burns.  Per my previous post, my portfolio is excruciatingly neutral.  The top ten holdings of SKF look bullish on the charts, each in their own special way.  Check it out:


 AXP looks a bit coked out and ready for a break, but the rest have consolidated well and appear poised for a pop.  So poised in fact, the opposite may happen.  Hell if I know, perhaps shorting the banks was bad, evil?

 MA not so bullish and could be forming intermeiate term top.

 Best Regards,


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