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Building Energy

But what’s the next move?

Perhaps today is a needed pause for the bulls but more and more of the charts I’m looking at are either decent short entries or in need of a breakout to the upside. Extended names like BKE, CLNE, and KORS are offering decent entries on the short side. Some of my holdings DVAX, LNKD, FR, and F are nearing the fuck or walk stage. I’m sticking with the names and being patient, giving the benefit of the doubt to the bulls if you will. But to be clear, I have the “65% cash on the sidelines” conviction.

The market feels like it’s hunting the next catalyst for direction. So much discussion takes place between us pen pals. The media conveyor never shuts off but today it feels slow like a 1996 union job. It’s just a matter of time until the market finds direction. My ideal scenario is to see a dip in the indices while my longs continue to rest. Then I can go back to gobbling up stocks like Lisa Lampanelli in a hotdog eating contest. At this junction it appears it wouldn’t take much sell side volume to alley shiv unsuspecting longs with the cold blade of volatility. Or we continue to see a pleasant spring time levitation.

In summary:

Still long bias

Want more stock but only on my terms (cheaper)

Don’t underestimate Lampanelli’s stomach capacity

Having a short or two in your arsenal could be decent (playing both sides (no homo))

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Here’s a Free Lesson

Quick timeline for you pole smokers:

September 12, 2011 Big Sean drops Dance (A$$) ft. Nicki Minaj

In the song Minaj references Michael Kors

Song catches fire by November

Next month Michael Kors goes public December 2011

Flash forward to today and KORS has only gone up, oh 105% since IPO

Lesson? Listen to new shit, like it or not, and snipe the brands…especially the name’s coming fucking public.


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Cowboy Coffee

Today marks a new energy level. You see, I’ve turned back the clocks and brewed myself a cup of coffee like a rugged mean mugging cowboy. How do you make cowboy coffee exactly? It’s simple really, as it should be; put coffee grounds in your cup, add hot water, stir and settle the grounds to the bottom and enjoy.

Now I wouldn’t drink just any Dunkin’ dipshit in such said manner. I happen to have procured a small bag of the finest, Jamaican blue rim coffee. I’m not going to gallivant through my office all benevolent and shit, brewing pots of liquid gold for the unwashed only to see them drown my rare blend in fucking Coffeemate. Fuck you and fuck your Coffemate. And your poison sugar, fuck you too very much.

So fuck it, I’ll make it as I will and enjoy the rich aromas and body. Needless to say, I’m jacked.

Regarding stocks. I like ‘em. Current holdings by weight: PBR, AWK, FR, HFC, LNKD, WFM, DVAX, NIB, F, GSVC. HOLY MOUTHFULL!

Going into yesterday I was most heavily in LNKD and HFC but I had to scale some shit off into that monster run up.

LNKD for the $100.00 roll. That shit’s serious. I don’t use that site it’s gay (no homo).

Good day to you, may your portfolios be blessed with outsized gains.


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The Calendar Rules

Last year’s volatility came to an abrupt end when we began THE NEW YEAR. Market participants collectively said, “Fuck it, let’s buy shit every day. Fuck selling.” The way stocks trade on a daily basis changed. I’ve produced the following image to display the difference in daily chart candles:

Maybe sentiment always completely changes at the strike of the new year. I’ve never experienced such a radical change. Scott Bleier talks about calendar anomalies in great detail. He can be found on twitter decreeing April 15th as the day perfectly aligned single file dicks will be chopped off with the surgical swing of a kukri. I love his commentary. Watch out when Mr. Bleier wields his weapon:

Pray tell will March 1st be some sentiment shifting force? The bears certainly closed out the leap day with a snarl. The Mayans may perhaps have me reading too far into the calendar for significance.

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Think High Net Worth

Often times I plan what I will do once I get my money right. Having several income streams is vital if you want to enjoy your stay on earth and partake in decadent hobbies like casually sailing the Caribbean or joining a Model-T demolition derby circuit.

One such plan I would rollout immediately if my net worth was say, EXPONENTALLY larger, would be to average into about 200,000 shares of AWK and collect the coupon. Think about it, you’re getting $0.92/share and the company provides water utility. Pretty damn stable.

Since high net worth is being pushed into the market, they will clearly divert their income producing funds to such a security and this rotation has shown in AWK’s multi-year tape. See the below monthly chart:

I bring the stock to your attention today as it’s nearing what could be an opportunity to get involved with the name at a decent price. See below:

I know we play high-beta names while dodging landmines for better or worse, but adding some stability to your portfolios isn’t the dumbest thing you could do.

Finally, my attention was drawn to said name by Mr. Cain Thaler, one of the distinguished tabbers of iBC. Thank you kindly good sir.

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Miners Slip

Well I’ve been eyeing the miners and wanting to get large RGLD and ANV, but they’ve failed to gain traction.

I may dump RGLD if it doesn’t get its act together but still like the pullback ANV if buying commences.

$HUI lost some key support today on the $USD bounce. I will reassess the situation this afternoon and consider initiating a position in ANV if it eludes today’s weakness.

The mine shafts look slippery today. We could see some bargain prices over the next few days and joyfully buy up margin liquidations.

UPDATE: The afternoon hasn’t changed the picture much for either name in my opinion and I don’t consider today a buying opportunity in RGLD or ANV. I will wait until next week to see if the buyers want to step back in. I still retain my RGLD position.

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Look at that BODY

When screening for companies putting up great ROE numbers, sporting a low PEG, and having short float I came across BODY. Then I pulled up that chart and it’s a buy. The company came public near the end of 2010 and has performed well since. The stock price has appreciated rather orderly since late August and now sits near 52 week highs aka easy street investing.

If you’re looking to add retail exposure to your portfolio, I suggest BODY. They’re a low priced women’s retailer with tons of room for growth. Have you ever seen a girl tear into one of these stores? We all know who wields the retail spending pen.

My channel checks down in Florida where the company has several stores says, “never heard of it.” Her lack of recognition troubles me since she’s huge into retail. Body Central definitely hasn’t reached Free People status, nor do they have the high price points. But on paper they look like a good bet and on the charts they look like a great bet. They have several stores slated to open this year and seem to be managing their growth well.

I got about half my position on this morning, and depending on how she trades going into the close, I will look to ADD, non-attention defect style.

And for the ladies, LMFAO:

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Fully Erect Baboons Sniffing Coke by The Palm Full

I’m truly impressed by the strength of this market. Sitting at my trading turrets far from the major financial hubs of America, I can only imagine Wallstreet and Chicago overrun by wild baboons so zinged and jacked they no longer have fear. They only see opportunity, everywhere and are elated to let their stock market winnings ride.

You know what happened to my portfolio last May? Scrodum punched to the tune of 9.5% down. Down 3% more in June. I was buying ANV and EXK and other miners all like, “Damn, Gint is rich as fuck and pens his thoughts so well.” I was corrected. The market will correct the shit out of you and test your convictions. Obviously these halls are hemorrhaging with sage stock picks and advice, but if you don’t have your own methodology to custom tailor the positions you’ll be GRAPED in a most humbling manner.

Flash forward to the end of December and I’ve been minting coin. It’s like the blogger network marked the beginning of the greatest rally I’ve ever experienced. 2009 snap back was swell indeud, but this rally is run by madmen with no care for risk management. I say anyone can look good in this market, but in reality a modest participant with reasonable goals must be heavy in cash and hedged by this point. I’ve been at max 65% long during this madness and for about two weeks I’ve had TZA going MF Global on my account. Still I’ve recuperated all my 2011 losses and my account sits near the high water mark. I find all this incredible and like The Fly imagine what being fully vested into this ramp up could have done.

So I say to you, look not upon these markets with disgust or disbelief but instead pick your spots and run with the baboons. We’re looking at a sea of opportunity. That’s epic.

Aside: This is FB people. Stop hating on it. Buy GSVC so I’m not the last one holding the bag.


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Anyone Can Look Good in This Market

I want to write to you dearest interwebs on a daily basis as it sharpens my vision. I will find the time soon as I abhor mediocrity. I reread my posts constantly as they reflect my past thought process and perception on positions I still own. Honestly half the view counts on my posts are my own. Fuck it if that bothers you. I’m far from ranking in my beloved iBC blogger network.

Do you take time to read the fantastic posts being produced in these parts? If not, you’re missing out. Writers like Henry Fool will do tons of legwork and provide their findings. Then if the research looks good and you like the picture on the charts, boom: take the position. DVAX, I know only what Fool’s told me of the company, but the chart looked great. The ROE numbers suck ass, but it’s just a trade.

My stock of the year ENTG pisses me the fuck off. They had a great earnings announcement yesterday, trumped expectations and guided inline only to gap and fade. I nearly top ticked yesterday adding to my position over $10. ENTG looks great on paper, ROE numbers are solid and they’re a supplier to all the semiconductors. They’re selling the picks and such to the gold miners, so to say. It wants to rip and roll ten dollar style.

HFC I bought near the end of December, but never got a whole position. And the fucker hasn’t. pulled. back. once. Unreal…I will buy more but will wait for a 5 to 10 percent correction.

Other holdings: AWK, GSVC, RGLD, RTK, TZA, WFM

I have no allegence to the above names. I really want to sell RGLD and RTK, as I hate the letter R.

TZA…LOL I guess I’ll look at it like RC does. Giving me confidence to swing at shit stocks like RTK.

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The Type of Stocks You Want to See Working

Us guys, we go out and work, sometimes for days on end and often to the wife’s chagrin. As rewarding as our toils can be, the market can take said bullshit work and jack it the fuck up. The market doesn’t care about your channel checks or charts and such. Do you blame a river when it washes some Tennessee straw hat town off the map? No, because it’s a river. If you find yourself blaming the market for flushing your ideas and accounts down the river, you’re fucked.

However, pros get excited when their work pays off and their clients get downright giddy. The Fly mentioned how the indices weren’t telling the whole story on shorts and the grand murder holes they’ve stepped in. What I’m focusing on right now are stocks that people are doing work on, with expectation of higher prices and whether or not their work will pay off, or pay 0ff.

Coming into earnings season I see tonnes of charts setting up, but I will focus on my S.O.T.Y. pick ENTG to hammer home the message I wish to convey. Take a look at the following news flow:

Yeah I know, these fuckers are doing work. Not ENTG or its management, but generators of news flow. News like that isn’t cheap; almost feels like a pump. And if you pull up a chart on the name you’ll see a stock that looks poised to break out. The work is done. The question is, will these collective works pay off or will this and other story stocks disappoint? I lightened up on the name today when it failed to thrust, but I retain about a half position. Now it’s time for me to sit back, and let the stock do the work.

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